Why You Need Professional Help for Cleaning Your Teeth?

We will walk you through the whole process elaborately, which will further help you ease your stress and enjoy the fruition of professional procedures.

Why You Need Professional Help for Cleaning  Your Teeth?

We have come across people who clean their teeth twice a day, floss every day and even have invested in an electric toothbrush, and some may have a sonic variant too. Do you still need to get your teeth cleaned professionally? What is the point of opting for professional cleaning? There are undeniably some compelling reasons why you would want a professional cleaning by a dental hygienist on a regular interval. We will walk you through the whole process elaborately, which will further help you ease your stress and enjoy the fruition of professional procedures.

1. It’s all about the plaque and tartar build-up

It is almost sure that some degree of plaque and tartar build-up cannot be controlled; however rigorously you may follow oral hygiene at home. The natural bacteria and minerals in your saliva will cause these elements to settle on your teeth; the food habit could also be a reason. That doesn’t mean an excellent home routine won’t add value and keep dental issues at bay. However, once plaque hardens to dental calculus, you will inevitably need a professional’s help to remove them. If you leave plaque and tartar untreated, you will be liable to other dental qualms.

2. Professional touch

You need a trained expert to examine the tricky corners of your mouth. You will be able to see only the visible frontal area of your teeth and less sure about the condition of your molars and the back of your teeth. Your lower anterior teeth and upper molars require more attention, as they are prone to build up plaque and are also closer to salivary glands.

We are pretty sure that you are also aware that people who have had dental treatment such as fixed metal retainers following orthodontic treatment, and dental implants need a thorough cleaning to prevent infection and build-up of plaque.

3. No pain

Every dental appointment with your hygienist are arranged in a way our clients are made to be as comfortable as possible. All your initial treatment is done using ultrasonic clean and hand scaling combination. The process is gentle and produces good results which are not achievable at home. Most of our patients have specially mentioned how seamless this procedure is, and they love the results. For clients who experience extreme sensitivity, we may provide numbing agents.

4. Boosts your confidence

Routine cleaning can boost your confidence, and much recommended treatment to opt for before a special occasion, parties, an interview or just self-indulgence. It is needless to say that professional cleaning will help you will feel cleaner, makes your teeth brighter, and makes your breath fresher only in one appointment. Professional cleaning is recommended before starting your teeth whitening journey.

5. Prevents gum disease

Stats have stated the growing concerns on gum disease among adults and most adults will go through some degree of gum disease. The earliest stage of gum disease is referred to as gingivitis; you might have some swelling of the gums, bleeds while brushing and often have bad breath (halitosis). A regular dental appointment and professional cleaning can stop this disease if not this could further complicate your condition and end up with periodontitis. It is a much more severe, state which could result in bone erosion, which could result in loose teeth and even fall after.

The build-up of bacteria brings about complicated gum disease. You will require a regular dental appointment to remove the deposits that could lead to gum disease. Periodontitis is severe and is also linked to other conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, pre-term low birth weight of babies from pregnant mothers suffering from periodontitis and many other medical conditions. Short and regular appointments aid you to prevent the onset of more significant future concerns.

6. Spots other issues if any

During your appointment, our expert hygienists can spot possible issues that may need further investigation.  Suspected decay and other dental concerns can be ignored or left unnoticed; we will help you during appointments and further discuss from there.  Such regular practices can help you prevent a seemingly minor issue growing into something more serious.

7. Your (personal) shopper is here

How many times have you stood confused in the chemist's or supermarket's isles? Just by looking at the mass availability of so many dental products in the shops and online. Here at Ashton Avenue Dental,  we will guide you personally to choose products that will suit you, and we will tailor products based on your oral health requirement. Selecting the proper oral hygiene is just as crucial as choosing skincare that enhances your skin.

Are your gums bleeding? Are you finding it hard to floss between your teeth? Are you susceptible to mouth ulcers? We will help you picking and recommend the best toothbrushes, interdental brushes, kinds of toothpaste and more to suit your needs.

8. Mostly covered

Most dental plans either partly or fully cover regular cleanings; we also provide DentiCare payment solutions at our clinic for more comprehensive treatments.

Even without any dental insurance, regular cleaning is not an expensive treatment, benefits that come along with the procedure make it money well spent. The cleaning leaves your teeth crystal clear, and healthy, as well as helps you in maintaining optimal oral health and supports the belief that prevention is better than cure!