Why Trimming Your Tree Branches Is Essential

Why trimming your tree branches is essential? Here are the reasons for trimming your tree branches near powerlines.

Why Trimming Your Tree Branches Is Essential

Eventually, the trees grow and so do the branches and before the branches outgrow, it is essential to trim the branches from time to time. If tree branches aren’t trimmed as required then probably they may come in the way of electrical wiring that connects your home to the street’s electricity supply.

Well, growing trees is advantageous to our homes and cities, but they become a legal responsibility when they fall and harm people or property. To keep our property safe and extend the life of trees around it, it’s our responsibility to know and deal with the dangers related to trees.

Reasons for trimming your tree branches are listed below:

1. Never Do It Yourself – It Can Be Extremely Risky

While anybody can rent a pickup truck and a chainsaw and go to work on their tree, the greatest limitation to this is you’ll always be anxious whether the task was done correctly or not. Besides, a DIY job is particularly risky because of these looming injury threats due to:

  • Decaying wood
  • Falling tree fellers
  • Injury from tools
  • Possible Electrocution

To safeguard from any unwanted injuries, it’s always better to call a licensed professional to perform the job for you. These professionals know when and how to close off power lines at the source, have particular protective gear work-wear and safety practices, as well as, take on the full responsibility for injuries that may occur during the job, so you have lesser things to worry about.  

2. Refrain from Electrical Dangers in Storms

The many electrical dangers that come during storms can be shielded if we only trim our branches. The piercing rains will turn the ground damp and the heavy winds will hit the trees down, particularly the ones having shallow roots. By regularly trimming the lifeless parts of the trees, we can remove the possibility of lifeless and broken limbs falling off and injuring people or damaging properties they would fall on. Moreover, we can avert them from flying off and turning into hazardous rockets or potential power outages.

3. The 10 by 50 Vegetation Clearing Rule

The number one reason for trimming off your tree branches is to adhere to the 10/50 vegetation clearing rule. This rule permits anyone who owns a piece of ground within a revealed 10 by 50 vegetation clearing entitlement area to get rid of trees and underlying vegetation such as shrubs on their property. Without seeking any approval, all this can be easily done. From the external walls of the referent building, a person can get rid of trees by 10 metres and surrounding vegetation by 50 metres.

4. Safety

Trimming tree branches is extremely important in upholding the overall safety of the area around our homes.

  • Clearing your property from dead branches lowers the likely fire hazard.
  • Getting rid of debris on the ground is vital in preserving roads safe for the pedestrians and in preventing lifeless plant matter from rotting and moulding that can draw insects.
  • When dead matter on the trees are taken away by trimming them will keep away wood-boring insects that weaken the tree and gradually cause it to fall – besides, it aids making space for the tree to grow new and healthy branches and leaves.
  • Yet another reason to eliminate overhanging branches is to take out the most evident threat of breaking and harming the roof or property.
  • Besides, the overhanging branches can let wildlife to get easy access to the building, placing more safety risks to you and your family.

Final Words

  • Above all, trimming tree branches is important for you and your family members safety, as well as, those passersby’s who may otherwise become a victim if a dead tree branch falls on them while they happen to pass by your home.
  • Secondly, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted electricity supply to your home as your tree branches won’t come between the electrical wiring that connects your home to the street's electricity supply.
  • And a bonus, you get a fantastic outward look of your lawn with a neatly trimmed tree.

Well, falling tree branches and inflicting power outages can be vexing and if you happen to undergo this problem then immediately, you’ll be looking for Level 2 Electrician to rescue you out of this mess for they are trained, qualified and accredited to work on such complex electrical issues.