Why Plantation Shutters Are Becoming Popular for Interior Décor

Here we will introduce you to the benefits of having plantation shutter windows for a domestic place.

Why Plantation Shutters Are Becoming Popular for Interior Décor

Rather than using the normal glass or wooden windowpanes, nowadays, interior designers prefer to install plantation shutters. These shutters not only have open slits to allow the natural light and air to enter the rooms but also have proven to be efficient in maintaining the privacy of the indoors. Several kinds of shutters are present in the industry, out of which the plantation shutter design has become more prominent.

These shutters are almost similar to the traditional designs, with the only difference being in the design of the louvers. These louvers or slats are either in flat or slanted position as per the requirement and also, are much wider than the louvers of the normal shutter panes. This is what makes the plantation shutters unique and elegant.

What Are the Benefits of Plantation Shutters?

Since the concept of installing these shutters in the windows is still in its budding stage, here we will introduce you to the benefits of having plantation shutter windows for a domestic place.

Versatile Window Guards

One of the major benefits of using the plantation shutters is its versatility. No matter what the window size or shape is, you will be able to customize the shutters as per your requirement. Starting from narrow window slits to the wide living room windows, you will be able to cover your windows with the shutters.

Can Control the Indoor Climate

Plantation shutters can control the climate and keep the indoor in moderate temperature. Thanks to the widened louvers, the shutters can effectively block the sunrays during the summer season and prevent the cold air from moving outside. The opposite happens during the winters when you will be able to allow the warm sunrays enter the rooms through the narrow slits. So, you do not need to run your HVAC system throughout the day and such shutters can save your power consumption cost.

Elegant and Has an Aesthetic Appeal

To be very honest, with the plantation shutters, you will be able to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your indoors. The shutter designs can be tailored and made in a custom manner, which will help you to suit the shutters with your interior design. For example, if your interior has a traditional design, the plantation shutters can be transformed into the traditional style. Similarly, if you have a contemporary look, you can look for the similar shutter styles that will match the interiors.

Makes the Indoors Sound Proof

One of the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of the plantation shutters is its ability to make the indoors soundproof. You will be able to block the outdoor noises by closing the louvers and narrowing the slits in between. These shutters can provide 100% privacy.

Maintenance is Easy

Another major benefit of installing the plantation shutters is the ease of maintenance. The slits are wide enough to allow you to clean the gaps and the louvers. Moreover, since you can change the slopes of the louvers, you won’t have any problem in cleaning them effectively. As the plantation shutter designs don’t require too much maintenance, you will be able to save both money and efforts in the long run.

Can Be Matched with Interior

You will be able to get the plantation shutters in different colors and designs. This way you will be able to pair this interior décor accessory with the existing elements and enhance the elegance and beauty of the same. For example, if your living room windows face the lawn and you have several natural elements in the indoor space, you can get the shutters painted in natural green shade.


These shutters can not only be used in the living room or the bedroom but also in the bathrooms, attics, and other areas. So, search them online to choose the best one.