What Is the Career Scope of Freelance Ethical Hacking

According to an article published in Bugcrowd. Bugcrowd pays out half a million dollars to Whitehat hackers in one week! Sound unreal right? but, that's the money that a professional ethical hacker earns.

What Is the Career Scope of Freelance Ethical Hacking
What Is the Career Scope of Freelance Ethical Hacking

According to an article published in Bugcrowd. Bugcrowd pays out half a million dollars to Whitehat hackers in one week! Sound unreal right? but, that's the money that a professional ethical hacker earns.

In the 20th century, we saw a boom in the number of IT companies, but with this surge in the number of IT companies, we also experienced an increase in the numbers of hackers that are sitting in some corners of the world planning and performing their shenanigans. 

Now the question arises how will a company that promises data security to us people prevent itself from a data breach? how can a company be so sure about the security and privacy of its software? how can a company find loopholes in its own security system? even a single loophole can result in a huge breach of data.

Here an ethical hacker saves the day. An ethical hacker also called a white hat hacker is a hacker hired by a firm to perform hacking against the firm's software and security to find and fix the potential loopholes that can result in data breaches. 

In other words, he hacks the company's system with their consent and finds problems in their system, in return he gets paid. 


Ethical hacking means trying to gain unauthorized access to a company's computer or security system and finding flaws and loopholes along the way.

The information collected during this process is then submitted to the company so that it can be reviewed by the security team and then can be overcome and prevent any potential breach in the future.

An ethical hacker is equipped with a bunch of tools that are paired with experience and rational decision-making. 


The main difference between an ethical hacker and a normal hacker is the intention behind the hacking.

Hackers are also known as Blackhat hackers do hacking for malicious purposes, which is either to gain a monetary benefit or to gain unauthorized access into a system.

Whereas an ethical hacker works for the enhancement of security and to fill up the potholes left in a security system. 


Freelancing in ethical hacking is on rising, one of the biggest benefits of working as a freelance ethical hacker is that you can work remotely from the comfort of your home. You can also work with multiple companies at a time or with a single company. Freelancing in ethical hacking provides you with job flexibility that the ordinary ethical hacking job lacks.

When it comes to working as a freelance ethical hacker there are broadly 4 ways to earn money.

They are 


Volunteering is generally done for free. Some companies organize unpaid bounty hunt programs, these programs are good ways to gain exposure and experience especially if you are a beginner. 

You can also generate leads from these unpaid bounty hunt programs, you can add them to your cv or portfolio which helps in attracting clients in the future.

Volunteering alone may not seem rewarding but it is really a good start to your ethical hacking career.


In bug bounty programs companies gives you permission to hack their system and find any bug, in return, they award you money. Companies like Bugcrowd and Hackerone are examples of bug bounty platforms, they give you money if you successfully find a bug in their system. Bug bounty programs can be both paid and unpaid but both are equally good to start with.

The good side of the bug bounty program is that you don't have to find clients like in traditional freelancing, all you need to do is join these platforms as their security researchers.

The downside is that the competition is tough if you are a beginner, it will a hard nut to crack for you, but eventually, you will gain experience. 


Private bounty hunt programs are invite-only programs, only quality researchers are invited to them.

To get invited to a private bounty hunt program, you need to be an established professional researcher.

The benefit of a private bounty hunt program is that you will be given a fresh product to deal with therefore you have a higher chance of finding a bug, whereas in public bug hunting the product has been reviewed and has gone through security inspections many times therefore all obvious bugs have been already reported. 


You can also approach companies and take part in their bounty hunts. Companies like Google, Yahoo, etc are in constant search of good ethical hackers they also conduct their own bounty hunt programs. 

If you are a beginner and want to build your portfolio you can approach smaller companies that offer bounty hunt programs and then gradually switch to big companies.

These were the ways by which you can earn as a freelance ethical hacker.


IT companies are increasing day by day and so are hackers. To keep hackers at bay companies are hiring ethical hackers. Many companies want ethical hackers just for one-time assessment or they need ethical hackers on an infrequent basis. 

With an increase in freelance culture, freelancing in ethical hacking is also increasing. The average salary of an ethical hacker is $90k and is expected to increase manyfold in upcoming years.


As more and more business and IT companies are raising the demand for ethical hackers will increase almost every security system needs ethical hackers to act as a shield as well as an ointment. Ethical hacking is the job of the future and with the integration of freelancing in it, you can earn many folds.

Ethical hacking is and will continue to be one of the most paid niches in freelancing.