What is CNP Laboratory Famous For?

What is CNP Laboratory Famous For?

Have mixed feelings about buying CNP Laboratory products? Or you don’t have any idea what it is? 

No problem! This post is here to guide you well about the whole thing! 

Here, we'll brief you a little about CNP and their products that you can add to your skincare routine for effective outcomes!

CNP Overview 

CNP is a cosmetics brand created by a well-known dermatologist in Korea. Their products include no synthetic colour additives, alcohol, perfumes, mineral oils, or parabens. They are designed to be low-stimulating and soothing on the skin. This brand is not only popular in Korea, but gaining popularity in Japan as well. 


The CNP Laboratory, established in 1996, strives to offer remedies for various skin issues. 50 doctors with a combined 10 years of experience, including Dr Lee, collaborate to create pharmaceutical-grade solutions that target damaged, dry, and acne-prone skin. It is currently one of South Korea's top-selling medicinal skincare and cosmetics brands, delivering customers things they can't get enough of.

CNP Products 

Being a well-known Korean skincare brand, CNP is offering a wide array of tried and tested products. Some CNP Laboratory products have won awards for their skincare or cosmetics, and people can't get enough of them. Let’s discuss some of them here!

Invisible Peeling Booster

The CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster is a serum that acts as an exfoliant. It is intended to soothe skin, increase transparency, exfoliate dead skin cells, hydrate, brighten skin, even skin texture, and manage oil. 

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CNP Blackhead Clear Kit

The CNP Blackhead Clear Kit is a two-step mask that eliminates blackheads, pollutants, and sebum without the need for peeling or squeezing. The first mask eliminates blackheads and sebum that has become lodged in the pores, while the second mask tightens and decreases the appearance of the pores.

Propolis Energy Ampoule

Ampoules are becoming increasingly popular, with numerous businesses creating their products. This product is recommended for persons who have dull skin or who desire greater elasticity, shine, and hydration. This CNP Laboratory ampoule will also aid with wrinkles to give you a more youthful glow.

Mugener Ampule 

The CNP Mugener Ampule boosts regeneration, adds moisture, and soothes sensitive skin to protect the skin from external irritants.

Hydro Cera Intense Cream

The Hydro Cera Intense Cream hydrates skin instantly without irritating it or clogging pores. This cream cares for your skin's lipids and keratinocytes by utilizing the power of 5 distinct ceramides in 2% concentrations and 7 different minerals.

Ferulic Actimune Ampule 

This skin fortifying ampule is CNP Laboratory's most recent product, and it contains a potent anti-oxidant mix of ferulic acid and vitamins. This ampule also aids in the removal of dullness, and blemishes revealing younger-looking brighter skin.

Wrapping Up 

CNP Laboratory's products are precisely designed to fight skin problems and leave your skin glowing. Get CNP Laboratory's top three products, i.e., Invisible Peeling Booster, Blackhead Clearing Kit, and Propolis Energy Ampule.  Moreover, you can check Sensoo Skincare glossary to see what natural ingredients your skin needs and which products have them in accurate quantities!