What factors contribute to the rise of STI Epidemic?

Despite constant Online STI check system, these ailments are spreading like an epidemic.

What factors contribute to the rise of STI Epidemic?

A question that has baffled everyone in the world of today is how various diseases and infections are becoming an epidemic so fast? This can be especially said for the STIs because these infections are very uncommon around the world. Despite constant Online STI check system, these ailments are spreading like an epidemic.

Online STI check:

In order to understand how STIs have spread so quickly; you have to look into a few things. The most important thing that you can do is to carefully and honestly answer questions that are asked when you want to analyse whether you have STIs online or not.

The Age of the Person:

The age of the person is the most important because it can settle for the other information. If the person and especially a woman are younger than 25 years then they are at higher risk of having STIs. But this doesn’t mean that the older are free from it.

Your Race and Ethnicity:

The race of the person is also required because each different ethnic group has its own unique qualities and speed and rate of disease spreading. Giving an honest answer about providing the race to which you belong.

Region Living in:

The country of origin has a lot of influence on these diseases. In most African countries the pace of spreading is very fast as compared to others.

When you have a Test?

In this section, you have to tell about all of the STIs including HIV, Genital Herpes and Warts, Hepatitis, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea and Trichomoniasis. A special question that has to be answered is about the tests related to these diseases.

Ask about Sexual Life:

It is really crucial that you don’t feel shy and share about your sexual life and activities. This can determine which test you have to undergo because different diseases are due to various activities.

Use of Drugs and Alcohol:

Alcohol and drugs can increase the effects of diseases very much. If you are using drugs and alcohol excessively then you are at a very high risk of getting them. But if the consumption is an average one then you can be suggested to take safety measures only.

Blood Transfusion information:

These diseases not only spread through sex but also there are other means as well. Providing knowledge of a blood transfusion is really necessary because they increase the hazards of having STIs. You can always consult any online website like Healthck to gain further insight into the various STIs so that you and your partner can be safe.

Factors raising the STI Epidemic:

Below are a few reasons mentioned as to why the STIs are becoming epidemic in this decade especially? There are essentially 9 factors that are contributing to the rise in these diseases.

Age of the Patient:

The body of younger women is not fully developed especially if they belong to the age group which is younger than 25 years. Youngsters indulge in sexual activities even more because they are inexperienced and immature. They are not aware of the dangers that are associated with it.

Alcoholic Abuse:

There is a big difference between alcohol consumption and abuse. When people consume it they drink in a controlled way but they who abuse it drink fanatically. This weakens the immunity system which allows the STIs too easily penetrate the body and destroy it from within.

Use of Contraceptive Medicines:

The major concern for most women is not to get pregnant after sexual activities; so the use of birth control pills becomes the only option for them. Many couples don’t use a condom as a precaution because they think that it is enough to use the medication. But they forget that other diseases can with ease overcome.

Family Member has STIs:

If the father or mother of a person has been suffering from STIs in their youth then the children are more likely candidates to have it themselves. Or if the children come in close contact with the affected areas then they can have these infections.

Prohibited Drugs:

Although all types of drugs are harmful some of them can also save lives. Here it is the mention of those drugs which are illegal and banned, but still, people use it to maximize pleasure. The risk increases in intensity when one needle is used by several people.

Having many Partners:

The people who are living with only one partner rather than many are at low danger of developing STIs. People often want to have adventure and experience with multiple partners but they don’t get protection.

Poverty is contributing to:

Poor people don’t have the resources to buy items and educate themselves about the disadvantages of unsafe sex. Their hardships don’t allow them to maintain good hygiene which speeds up the pace of STIs.

Discussing STIs is a Taboo:

In many regions discussion of sex and its related infections is considered a taboo. Several religions restrict people from talking about it. There are many people who remain unknown about the infections that can spread. So it is crucial that before you do an Online STI check; talk about it with someone with experience and knowledge.