We just play OSRS game as we enjoy it

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I'm not here to claim that it was all bad -- because it's really not. What we noticed that we didn't have was "us quality time". A lot more RuneScape gold time spent hiring an infant sitter, or taking my son off with grandma and grandpa or our extended families so that we could be out enjoying each other more.

My wife was becoming unhappy because we had not spent time together prior to that and discovered she was craving the young care, affection, and fun we used to have together during our 20swhich was a missing element in a post-pandemic society where we didn't get out to see our friends and date like we used to. I was getting bored also, with like you said, the final game grind of OSRS were a constant game. Playing for at least an hour every few days. This meant endless attention on raiding that couldn't be stopped at the touch of the pin... It was fun while it lasted. But then it became more boring than enjoyable And it's not that I've not shared my tales of discontent with having played through many hundreds and thousands of boss gauntlets, kills, raids... LOL.

If your wife is as similar to mine, might be a little unhappy, but may not want to be domineering. She may not feel confident in telling you that she'd prefer to be loved and listened to at those times and may be reluctant to talk about it.

My wife informed me that she didn't want to "seem like a bitch"(those were harsh words coming out of her..) and also tell her that she'd prefer not be a part of the game as she didn't want me to think that I could not have "me-time" either. Have you spoken to her about your feelings, and are you're now considering divorce because of how indifferent she's been? Have you tried explaining that you feel unvalidated by your own thoughts and desire to take some time for yourself to explore your wants and needs in life, and feel a sense of security by your passions?

It's not that you need to reconsider... however, when my wife and me spent more time together during these times and we began taking conscious steps to do more together as well as have some personal discussions about what we actually wanted from our long, tiring days and the best way to fit them into our week-long schedules -both of us realized we needed to spend much less "apart". Breaking the molds and habits we've developed over the course of the last one or two years, has really created a new energy in our relationship.

As for me, I still play OSRS... but I'm down cheap RuneScape gold to the equivalent of a couple of hours per week for the past few months. I've had enough of the game and , as I mentioned it was fun when it was on. The grinds at the end of the game, however. phew. Mentally draining. I find some afk skilling or agility exercise throughout my work hours or watching a show together, is all I've got this moment!