Ways to Create More Storage Space to Every Room

No matter you own a small living room, a narrow bedroom or even a cozy dining space, follow the tips in this post to create more storage space to every room.

Ways to Create More Storage Space to Every Room
Wall Mounted Jewelry Mirror Cabinet

Do you own a small apartment for living or a big house with small bedroom? The floor area of a room is unchangeable so many people think their space become smaller and smaller as they add more items in home. In fact, we can change the cozy situation in your house with those clever home improvement ideas. 

  1. Get rid of the useless items in your room.

Abandoning the items that you don't use is the best way to keep your home tidy. The massive useless stuffs always cause clutter, which will take you much time to tidy up and waste your money. Try to categorize them and give up those unwanted items. Donate some to the people in need or sell some of them on some second-hand stores. Besides, tidy up those remaining items in your room.

  1. Customize the furniture or decor items based on your measurement.

If you buy the larger furniture than your space, it will be embarrassing and bring inconvenience to your life. The best way is to customize the furniture based on your house size. Generally the interior designer will draw the structure of the furniture according to your need and design more storage space inside. Then you can decide whether to reduce or add extra storage with the customized furniture. Undoubtedly, it is perfect for the whole house construction but may be a little complex if you just tend to change a piece of furniture.

  1. Shop the furniture that are nice-looking and versatile.

When shopping a furniture item, don't just care about the pretty appearance and the versatility is also significant to improve home storage capacity and ease your daily life. Please consider whether it is easy to clean, increase hidden storage or can be used in different situations. For example, select the adornment which has storage space for keys, tissue, etc.; choose a magazine storage rack for desktop or living room stylishly decorating.

  1. Get some furniture and decors that can be used in different scenorios.

It is great that the ottoman can be seated and offer hidden storage space; the mirror cabinet works for dressing up and keeping cosmetics, which is better than a single mirror; storage bed provides both comfortable sleeping experience and the space underneath for storing pillows and seasonal bedding; a bookcase would display and store household elements. Therefore, it saves your money and lots of space to get the multitask furniture, which will invisibly improve storage capacity in your home.

  1. Don't ignore the dead space.

People will usually take no notice of the vertical space and some dead place, e.g.: the space under stair, the back of doors, corner space, the space inside sofas, bay window. Those spaces would play important roles in improving storage capacity, especially for the small houses. Try to hang the hook on the back of the door for clothing or bags; put the storage box or small cabinet under the stair to collect infrequently-used items; get the corner makeup vanity in the corner of the bedroom. These methods can well resolve the storage requirement for the narrow spaces.

Dressing Table for Corner Space

  1. Try your best to utilize the wall space.

The vertical space on the wall will add the extra storage in your house. Hanging the cabinet on the wall will not influence people's walking on the floor but still provide extra storage space for saving books, decorative items, odds and ends. Here suggest to mount the floating TV cabinet, mirrored jewelry cabinet and bookshelf to the wall to make full use of the wall space in living room, bedroom. The ceiling-hung ideas are also recommended. Hang the pots and pans to the wall or ceiling to improve storage space in your kitchen.

Wall Mounted Mirror Cabinet

    Last but not least, it is necessary to organize your homegoods regularly and lead your family members to follow the storing rules in your home. That would make your house clean and always in a large space. If you have other storage ideas to create extra storage into every room, please let me know.