Victorian Golf Club Open for Business

Victorian Golf Club Open for Business

As you are probably aware, golf club around Victoria are open for business again after the COVID-19 restrictions. We want to acknowledge the wonderful people from our community who have already returned to the course. We’re proud of the way our community has followed the health and safety measures we’ve put in place to help protect fellow members, guests and staff.

As more people become comfortable visiting the club, we want to assure you we’ve done everything we can to protect your safety. We’re also more than happy to discuss with you any concerns you may have to help make your experience with us as positive as it can be.

It’s been a challenging time for many of us in our community and we’re aware of the toll the Coronavirus has caused. We’re closely monitoring the requirements and recommendations set out by the Government and the Department of Health. Golf Australia has also supported us by making several recommendations to help us with suitable course requirements, clubhouse operations and best practice guidelines for our golfers. These changes we’ve implemented both on and off the course have helped our community enjoy a round of golf safely at this time.

We’re also very aware of the repercussions caused by the restrictions including the loss of employment, financial hardship, stress and the mental health toll it’s taken. Many have lost employment or have been forced to work from home which creates physical isolation, minimising the risk of spreading the virus however it also creates a sense of emotional isolation. This emotional isolation can harm our mental health greatly. It’s become a clique but we are genuinely all in this together.

Here at the club we want to support our members, guests and staff in any way we can so please do reach out and connect with us. We know that golf can be fantastic for your mental health and general wellbeing and want to encourage you to join us at the club with your friends and family at this time. We also encourage you to reach out for mental health support if you are struggling. The State Government has a fantastic service that can be a great starting point to get the support you need.

Golf Australia has indicated that golfers can and should continue to visit their local club and facilities. The current restrictions and guidelines have been put in place by the authorities so we can enjoy a round of golf safely. It’s fantastic to get out into the fresh air, overlooking the bay and have a good hit with plenty of room for social distancing. Sport can be such a powerful mental release and none more so than golf. We’re fortunate golf is one of the few sports currently available to the community at this stage of the COVID-19 crisis. 

You can find out more about the specific of what we are doing in response to COVID-19 here.