Understand Oracle in brief

Get a brief understanding of Oracle and learn how the same technology develops to keep the relational database in order.

Understand Oracle in brief

Oracle refers to the technology that has been developed to keep the relational database in order. The main extension used for an Oracle file refers to the PLSQL, i.e., Procedural Language Extension to SQL. with a professional course to study upon, the students are taught the following topics:

  • Retrieving and manipulating the data and the information
  • Creating tables 
  • Functioning and procedures 
  • Triggers
  • Tablespaces
  • Schemas, etc. 

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Programming with the help of Oracle

Oracle is a professional course that teaches students to create programs that helps in data collection and analysis. Some of the programming involved in Oracle is:

  1. Functions - to drop and create functions 
  2. Triggers - create, drop, disable and enable the triggers
  3. Procedures - to create and drop the procedures 
  4. Cursor - with the help of stored programs, the cursor is created
  5. Literals are inclusive of text, numbers and integers literals
  6. Declaring variable and constants 
  7. Handling of codes exceptionally
  8. Creating and dropping of sequences 
  9. Creating commenting in SQL statements
  10. Commits and rollbacks with the help of transactions, etc. 

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