Top Signs & Solution To Keep Your Air Ducts Clean At Home

Top Signs & Solution To Keep Your Air Ducts Clean At Home

Isn't it disappointing when your room just won't cool down? You can hardly feel air coming out from the air conditioner. Your air ducts are responsible for circulating the conditioned air from the main system to your home. Use Outside air as well as inside air in the conditioning process. So, Over a period of time, these ducts can accumulate the dust that comes with the air.

It is best to have your ducts cleaned professionally at least once a year. The spring season is best to prep those ducts after they have sufficiently warmed up your homes in chilly winters. Air duct cleaning is no joke. One wrong step can cause a lot of damage. You might go for cleaning them in ways which are safe for you as well as the system. 

There are Certain Signs That Tell You Your Ducts Require Cleaning: 

  1. No air from the air conditioner
  2. Increased bills because it take a lot of time to maintain the temperature 
  3. A lot of dust all around
  4. Increase in the number of insects and rodents
  5. Foul smell because of mold

What are the Top 4 Solutions to Keep Your Ducts Cleaned?

  • Check Air Filters

HVAC systems use the outside air as well as the inside air to air condition your place. Now, when cool or warm air flows through the system into your home, it is filtered by the air filters to remove excess dust from the air. The warm air from your room absorbed back by the filter contains pet hair, germs, dust and what not. The filter gets blocked because of all this and the ducts also start getting extra dust and debris. 

  • Keep Your Home Clean

With reference to the first point, it is vital to keep your home clean for your HVAC system to stay healthy. Ducts are responsible for incoming air and outgoing air. Your home can have a lot of dust on surfaces, germs if hygiene is not practiced, a lot of pet hair and other light particles that can accumulate in the filters and ducts. 

  • Vacuum Cleaning

Develop the habit of vacuum cleaning air supply registers on a daily basis. Be careful for the next part. Open a register to vacuum clean the insides of the ducts wherever you can reach. This will ensure that no accumulation settles down for a long time. You can also choose to wipe the registers and ducts with a cloth if the dust is comparatively less. 

  • No Moisture 

Be alert for any kind of water leaks in or around your ducts. If moisture enters and settles in your ducts, it can give rise to the growth of mold and mildew. This produces some nasty odours and is responsible for infections. Not only this, mold can attract various insects. The more accumulation, the more damage. You can also take help from experts. They provide professional duct cleaning services.