Top 9 Ways To Clean Air Ducts Yourself

Top 9 Ways To Clean Air Ducts Yourself

Want to Keep yourself away from allergies and running nose? Or do you want to live in a clean atmosphere where you can breathe clean air? Absolutely yes, but do you know clean ducts are the solution for these remedies

Often in a survey it is found that many nose diseases occur due to deposits of dirt in air ducts at home and offices which causes blockages and breathing related issues to us.

Reasons for cleaning air ducts are: clean air ducts circulates fresh air and makes the environment fresher for a long time, time to time maintenance can save you from hitting hard on your pocket, professional duct cleaning can increase the life of air ducts and can prevent  it from getting degraded from rust.

Here are the 9 ways of Duct Cleaning Yourself:

  • By using rough cloth or towel- One of the easiest and less time consuming ways to clean air ducts is by cleaning it with a rough cloth or towel and removing all the solid waste which got stuck into it.
  • Use cleaning equipment like mob etc.- For wiping our floors we frequently use mobs and wipers. But do you know the same equipment can also be used for cleaning air ducts? 
  • By spraying  chemicals- Many brands are now manufacturing chemicals which can easily be sprayed on dirty areas in your air ducts. So, All you have to do is simply spray it and wipe it.
  • By using a brush- Air ducts don't have much space for a person to go in it. So, For a small space you can definitely use a brush to clean it and make your environment fresh.
  • By using baking soda and vinegar-  Many DIY videos are available on social media which show how you can clean air ducts by using basic ingredients which are easily available in the kitchen. 
  • By replacing furnace filters- Air filters are the most affected thing present on air ducts. You can simply change it to avoid air related disease. It can save you time and will make your work easier. So, One need not hold any kind of knowledge or experience in this field.
  • By using a vacuum cleaner-  You might have heard a phrase that a modern problem requires a modern solution. This exactly goes where you can simply use a vacuum cleaner to clean your air duct as well. So, It is not a time consuming process and can easily clean your air duct as well.
  • By unmounting the air duct- If your Air duct has not gone through proper maintenance for a long time then you can simply follow this way. All you need to do is unmount your air duct and clean it thoroughly.
  • By using water- This is one of the simplest ways to clean air ducts. All you need to do is a bucket full of water and boom you are ready to go . So, Just clean your air duct with water and experience the clean breathing.

Conclusion Paragraph:

Air Duct cleaning is a necessary part of keeping your home as healthy as possible. We want to make sure you have the best cleaners for your ducts, so we’ve put together a list of 9 ways to consider when looking for a duct cleaning. If not, contact us - our team will be happy to help answer all of your questions or provide recommendations based on where you live and how big your needs are!