Top 2 Reasons Why Freelancer Jobs Are in Demand

Freelancer jobs are in high demand right now, not only MNCs but startups and small businesses are looking to hire these freelancers to gain huge benefits.

Top 2 Reasons Why Freelancer Jobs Are in Demand
Top 2 Reasons Why Freelancer Jobs Are in Demand

The everyday routine of office work culture made employees unproductive and depressive, and no company or any central authority thought of it as a concerning factor, up until the pandemic hit they started realizing how it affects employees and how freelance jobs can help them achieve greater goods. The great resignation almost gave a heart attack to many companies as talented developers left companies showing them they need something much more than just salaries, these elite developers were forced to work during the events pandemic without offering extra wages whatsoever, giving huge momentum to freelancer jobs. 

In this article, to understand why freelancing gained huge momentum we will dive deep into the top 2 reasons why freelancer jobs are in demand.

What Is A Freelancer-

Freelancers are employees who are employed by a company but work outside of the traditional office environment. These freelancers work from an offshore location, and they're commonly termed as work from home jobs and remote jobs or remote work.

What Does A Freelancer Do-

A freelance employee is only hired for a short term until the project is completed. Once the project is complete the freelancer no longer works with the company but if the company wants to hire him again, then he’s likely to work for that employer again. Most companies choose the same freelancers as they have a history of delivering effective solutions to projects within deadlines.

Freelancers are responsible for working with clients until the project is completed, their tasks involve communicating with the employer, understanding their requirements, designing a pipeline to complete the project on time, and following it accordingly.

2 Reasons Why Freelancer Jobs Are in Demand-

No doubt the pandemic gave a push to the rise of freelance jobs but is it the only reason which caused the boom of freelance work across different niches, well if so then as the pandemic vanishes the freelancer jobs must shrink right, but it doesn't seem that way. Hence, the pandemic is not the only reason which caused the surge in freelance work culture. We have listed some of the key reasons which pushed freelancer jobs to greater heights.

The Great Resignation-

Before we move further with this term let's understand what great resignation is. The great resignation is often described as a large no. of employees leaving companies around the world, which collapses companies' market value and which points to companies' work culture policies damaging their image. The great resignation took place because of the pandemic which started in 2019, and 2020 saw a heavy decline in employees around the world.

Wait, what caused this great resignation? And why are companies now craving freelancers? Well, there are several factors on which we should place our eyes. 

  • Pandemic brought a heavy load of work on employees' shoulders as many of them were affected by the virus and needed time to recover leaving others with a great load of work. Many companies failed to manage this situation, leading employees to work under pressure and for long working hours.
  • Employees felt this depression and burnout and thought of seeking other opportunities which can offer them flexible work and handsome pay.
  • Companies on the other hand were left with vacant roles which only can be filled if the candidate has some expertise relevant to that area, which means those roles were highly crucial, and if they don't fill those vacant positions then they won't be delivering that project on time which again can cause companies to lose clients.
  • So, companies were left with nothing but vacant positions and they had no way but to hire more employees, but the question was freshers won't be the right fit for these roles as these roles require experience and high cognitive problem solving, so where to find such talent, well freelancer was their only answer as they cover up the work within deadline and as it's a cost-effective method.

Freelancing And Its Benefits, To Employers and Employees-

Of course, everyone looks for what they get and at what price they get, and as freelance jobs provide hefty benefits to both the employers and employees they have a keen interest in the freelancing industry. Let's see how freelancing benefits both-


  • Increased Product Development- Employers heavily benefit from hiring freelancers as they tend to be more focused on work compared to in-house teams. Freelancers work in different parts of the world and they don't have to deal with office disturbances and distractions because of which they seem to enjoy quality work at home and at remote locations which provides them with a calm comfort to work with a focused mind. Hence, it increases the quality of products they deliver and as companies hire more freelancers their product development seems to grow at faster rates.

  • Cost-Effective- hiring freelancers is cost-effective, as they work from remote locations they won't be requiring office computers or any types of equipment as they will be working with their own gear, so saves money. Again the freelancers work from different countries with huge currency differences and costs of living, yet another factor to make you consider hiring remote freelancers as they will complete your work in a cost-effective way. Not to forget that you will be saving money on office renovation and maintenance including its electricity bills and water supply bills etc. the last and the most important part is that you will get an experienced developer at a cheaper price.


  • Flexibility- imagine waking up at a reasonable time making coffee and heading over to your work desk after every morning routine task such as breakfast without rushing to catch a train or bus and worrying about reaching on time, sounds pleasing right, yes it is, the freelancer gets the flexibility in working hours hence they can start their work smoothly and work on it, take breaks as needed, read books, have lunch and can manage personal life as well. The level of flexibility a freelancer job provides can't be matched by office work culture.

  • Peace of Mind- as we discussed no rushing is required while freelancing, which gives you a comfortable feeling and keeps your mind more pleasant and makes you much happier. This introduces a positive work attitude and freelancers are less likely to get any mental or physical issues. Employers have started noticing how employees and their pleasant attitude enhance the projects with effective solutions. Freelancers can work on projects positively and can conduct video conferences which again will be filled with positivity as everyone works in a quiet and pleasant work environment.

  • Increased Wages- nothing can make you feel great when you get paid as per your skill sets. Freelancers are highly skilled and they tend to work with focus to finish their jobs, companies have recognized their talent and hence have offered them handsome pay. Companies value freelancer work as they put great effort into improving their projects and if they want to retain these offshore workers they have to provide packages worth considering to work.


Freelancer jobs are in high demand right now, not only MNCs but startups and small businesses are looking to hire these freelancers to gain huge benefits.Though many employers have not gone with the freelancers and remote work policies, looking at companies that get much more business than they do will eventually force them to shift their work culture to remote work. If an organization reads this article it will definitely help them to know the reason as well as the benefits of freelancer jobs to use it to their advantage.