10 Tips for the Right Hair Color

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10 Tips for the Right Hair Color
10 Tips for the Right Hair Color
Hair coloring is the need of the hour. Every woman has a favorite shade that she wants to have on her hair. But not any color should be applied on hair. Hair salon Sydney has come up with 10 tips to choose a hair color:
Tip 1:
Use mineral shampoos for a while before staining. They will help cleanse the hair of salts, chlorine and other harmful compounds that are contained in water and air. After using these shampoos, coloring will give a better effect: the coloring components will take better and the color will turn out more saturated.
Tip 2:
When choosing a color, be guided by your type of appearance. The selected hair color from your favorite pages of the magazine or on the package with paint may not suit you.
Tip 3:
If you have naturally light hair color, and your long-standing desire is to acquire a dark shade, then do not choose the color itself. Play with shades to try on each image on yourself, and then choose the most worthy option.
Tip 4:
Does a radical color in a different color bother you? Take your time, because paint is not the only opportunity to change. There is an alternative to hair dyes - these are tinted balms, shampoos and foams. Experiment with these tools. They can be easily applied on their own at home, and if the shade did not suit you, then it can be easily washed off for several weeks.
Tip 5:
If you change your color to the opposite, for example, from a blonde to a brunette or vice versa, then you will need to always monitor your appearance to avoid untidiness on your head, namely, to monitor the growing roots of your hair and visit the salon in time to color them or do not change sharply the boundaries of your phenotype.
Tip 6:
If you have a desire to lighten your hair, then it's time to get your children's photos and carefully look at the color of hair in childhood. It is believed that hair color, which was between the ages of 5-7 years, would be ideal at an older age.
Tip 7:
When highlighting, it is better to use paints, rather than brightening preparations. The fact is that if you want an even hair color, then it will be problematic to equalize the color of clarified strands and natural hair.
Tip 8:
Owners of bleached hair are contraindicated in shampoos and balms with tannins. These components penetrate the hair and give them unsightly shades and are practically not washed out. Considering the fact that after lightening the hair is the most vulnerable and the scales are open, the risk of penetration of tannins into the hair increases.
Tip 9:
After dyeing, hair will need to be treated with medical masks. When using a mask, do not create a “bath” effect on your head by putting a shower cap or towel on your hair. The mask will bring much more effect in contact with oxygen.
Tip 10:
Use warm shades to dye gray hair. Cold shades are not suitable for gray hair, because in order to color the hair, the chemical composition of these dyes must come into contact with melanin, which is not found in gray hair. And paints of warm colors do not need this.