Tips for taking good care of your plumbing

Tips for taking good care of your plumbing.

Tips for taking good care of your plumbing

Tips for taking good care of your plumbing

To keep the plumbing in our house in good condition, we need to take some precautions. See some tips now.

The plumbing of our house is something very important and we end up neglecting or forgetting with the routine. And to keep the pipes in good working order, we need to adopt some habits to prevent leaks and clogging. When these happen, they end up needing a major renovation, breaking floors and walls to solve the problem.

Therefore, we have separated some valuable tips for you to take care of your pipe and avoid a lot of headaches. Check it out:


Take good care of the sewer plumbing

Plumbing care starts with us. So avoid:

  1. Wash dishes with leftover food;
  2. Throwing garbage in the toilet;
  3. Do not protect the external drains to prevent waste from entering the pipe.
    In addition, perform cleaning and preventive maintenance, making the tubes perform their function properly.

Periodically check drainage efficiency:

It is important that you pay close attention to the drains, siphon and drainpipe drainage system. Check from time to time for blockages, debris, holes or leaks. For Plumbing Services


Pay close attention to drains:

As much as possible, avoid letting debris and dirt pass through the sink drains towards the sewer. This debris is responsible for most clogs. If you take good care of drains, you'll save a lot of money on repairs.

The shower drain:

Avoid accumulating hair and hair in the drain, even if this is natural, you must prevent them from going down the drain. There are drain models with special grids for sieving the hair strands, preventing them from draining with the water.

The Toilet:

The toilet also needs your daily attention. Pay close attention to the seal, as if it is poorly done, it can lead to leaks and a bad smell. Make sure the vase is securely attached to the floor and the base is correctly aligned with the mouth of the pipe.


Do not throw objects and materials such as condoms, tampons, dental floss and toilet paper. These materials can deposit in the piping and cause severe clogging.