Tips For Replacing The Alternator By Your Own

You must mark the wires so that you should not end up mixing the cables while putting them back in the alternator.

Tips For Replacing The Alternator By Your Own
Alternator Replacement

Are you strapped for cash during this holiday season? But replacing the alternator will cost you some considerable amount of money this season. If you look at the steps and can manage the difficulty of installing the alternator, then you will learn that the alternator replacement is an easy task for getting done on your own. Just think of this, you were spending a lot of amount of money on an easy alternator replacement. Isn’t it sound like throwing money in the garbage?

Now you must be thinking about how it should be done and what the perfect steps are. So, let’s look at the easy steps of alternator replacement.

Steps Which Should Be Undertaken

Step 1: The Battery Must Be Disconnected 

The first thing which you should do is you have to remove the battery. Because there are several wires or any single wire of your alternator, but if one of the cables remains hot and then it might cause you some significant issues. If you do not disconnect the battery, then you will likely end up with grounding the wires, and it might strike you with a shock, or anything fatal can happen.

 Step 2: The Wires Must Be Disconnected

No, the battery is out of the way, and it’s time to take out the cables from the back of the alternator. The removal of cables is a straightforward process, and you must keep in mind that you must take out the cables carefully and stay in the place which you will remember easily. You must mark the wires so that you should not end up mixing the cables while putting them back in the alternator.

Step 3: Have To Remove The Belt From The Pulley

Every project which you do has its tight spot, and this is a tight spot, and now it’s the time for the right place for an alternator replacement. There is a tensioner pulley. You will need to pull the maximum amount for making the belt slip from the lift. It is advisable to remove it with the wrench so that it could come out properly, and you must not get into any kind of trouble. It depends on the vehicle type. Some vehicles use the rod end type or the screw type. In this case of an alternator replacement, you will just need to screw down the red bolt end with the wrench or the socket until it releases the belt.

Step 4: Remove The Bolts Properly

After the belt is taken off, it is high time to remove the pins which are connected to the alternator. Once you remove all the pins, then you are very much good to go.

Step 5: - Almost There To Complete

After you get the old alternator in your hand, then you must understand that your half work is done. Now it’s time to change the old one to the new one. You already know the size of the alternator. Just go and get the new one and start examining.

Step 6: - You Must Examine The Replacement

You must consider the alternative until you reassemble all of the components before you start all of your processes again. You must check out everything in the alternator replacement.

Step 7: - Just Need To Do Reverse

After getting all the components ready, then you need just to reverse all the removal procedures, then your work will be done quickly without wasting any money for the garage payment.


These are the steps of an alternator replacement, which you can do by your own with little diligence. Now you will have just to follow the steps mentioned here. Your work will be done in some hours.