Three-Day Dubai Itinerary

Three-Day Dubai Itinerary

From lounging in the deluxe Atlantis The Palm to exploring the homes with wind towers to dropping from the helicopter against the gush of wind at 14,000 feet to finding calm in the cruise- Dubai is the journey of the fishing village to the futuristic city.

And with Dubai visa, you get the privilege to watch the unparalleled city of the world drowning in glitz and glamour but also its restored heritage. It is a beautiful combination of nurturing the tradition and growing with the world.

And if you have a plan to stay in the emirate for three days, here is what surprises unravel every day. Follow the guide to choose from the heaps of activities:

Day 1: Downtown Dubai

  • Dubai Mall

  • Kickstart your trip from the ultimate family entertainment destination in Downtown Dubai. This is not your standard mall with the shopping streak. Instead, it wraps the fun elements for the whole gang- something that keeps everyone happy:
  • The shoppers can go on a spree when they find out that the stores have 200 luxurious brands, and a wide array of attires, footwear, handbags and electronics.
  • The kids can learn about the real world with role play at KidZania.
  • Movie lovers can immerse in an extraordinary film-watching experience in the comfy sofas with a sumptuous meal.
  • Treat your eyes to the wondrous world of virtual experiences of horror to sports at VR Park.
  • Stumble upon the giant ruin of dinosaurs called Dubai Dino.
  • Get chills in your spine as you embark on the darkest and fearful journey of Hysteria.
  • And set your foot to skate in the freezing playground of Ice Rink inside the mall.
  • Brunch

Since there is so much to do here, the appetite demands more food and better taste. The Dubai Mall has got you covered- it is sprinkled with restaurants that serve cuisine from American and Italian to Chinese and French in their best forms. So, nibble something in the breakfast or hog the grand meal in the lunch. Some recommended restaurants are Gourmet, Eataly, Social House and The Cheesecake Factory.

  • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Tucked inside the Dubai Mall, this deserves a special mention because of its outstanding features. Absorb in the mysterious marine life in the world's largest suspended aquarium that holds 10 million litre water and 140 species inside it. Either find the sharks running overhead as the aquarium envelops like a tunnel, or get close to them by diving underwater.

  • Dubai Fountain

The largest choreographed fountain deserves all attention, especially when the sun sets and the sky is twinkling. It is a breathtaking sight- a fountain illuminated by 6,600 lights and shooting 22,000 gallons of water at a height of 500 feet up in the air to the rhythm of world music. The spectators can grab a place by the Boardwalk or get on to tradition Burj Lake ride to admire the phenomenon.

  • Burj Khalifa

What is synonymous to incredible is the 'At The Top' Burj Khalifa. This is the ticket to the panoramic observation deck, including both 125th floor and 148th floor. You can bask in this impressive view of the city, lounge with a cup of tea and take a selfie with the jaw-dropping backdrop. The 124th floor in the package would introduce you to the fastest elevator running at 10m/sec and a closer look to the world through a telescope. The At.Mosphere at 122nd floor is another feather to the Burj Khalifa's astounding record. It has an extensive menu with unmatchable service and flavours.

Day 2: Old Dubai & Desert

  • Dubai Creek

Keep the spirit high as you sip the next morning tea in Old Dubai. This is where the city began its epic journey of transforming into an advanced and innovative region. Glide along the historical buildings that once were all Dubai could have. It's enchanting to be surrounded by such culture dating back hundreds of years. To take in a unique perspective of the region,  hop on the abra which cost just a Dirham and takes from Bur Dubai to Deira and vice versa.

  • Traditional Souks

Want to see the largest gold ring in the world? Head towards the gold souk that sells the various designs in the yellow diamond at great prices. Stroll through the walkways and reach the spice souk which you can smell from a distance. Buy the colourful spices, souvenir and handicrafts here.

  • Al Fahidi Historical District

Get lost wandering the streets of this iconic neighbourhood that has buildings made out of the gypsum, stone, teak wood, and palm wood. This is the city's oldest heritage site, which was a trading hub for textile and pearl merchants. There are homes with wind towers and traditional designs of windows and doors. Most of the buildings today are revamped to museums, galleries, art exhibits, cafes, and traditional retailers.

  • Dubai Frame

Rising 150m above the ground, the world's largest picture frame allows the visitors to see the splendour of New Dubai at South and the magical Old Dubai at North, both standing at one place. The sweeping 360-degree views, the crystal-clear glass bridge, and the blend of heritage and innovation attract the visitors and residents alike. While going upwards, the mezzanine floor introduces you to the past Dubai through artefacts and visuals, but you descend from the observation deck you see a multimedia presentation of the vision of Dubai 2020.

  • Desert Safari

Keep the city clamour at bay and ride in the monstrous 4*4 SUV to the large expanse of dunes. The Arabian desert is home to adventure and culture. Unwrap the zest and high-spirit with dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking and sandboarding. In the oasis, settles an elegant Beduin camp. The camp organises cushions, sofas, carpets and tents for your comfortable stay. As a guest, you are greeted with the most chivalrous service and unlimited refreshments, and as an audience, you are entertained by the live belly dancer and Tanoura artist. The lavish spread of buffet for the dinner is filled with aroma and flavours that give it an ecstatic finish. The bunch of activities like henna designing, Arabian dress photography and falcon show keeps the visitors engaged and cherished. You can extend the excursion with the option of  overnight desert safari and sleep under the canopy of stars.

Day 3: The Palm Jumeirah

  • Burj Al Arab

Start your last day for a fantastic explosion of thrill and excitement. In the early morning, stop to marvel at the sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab. Since it's nestled beside the large stretch of coastline, it gives a view of the picturesque landscape. One of these shores is the Jumeirah Beach where you dive, unwind, jet ski and perform other water sports.

  • Palm Jumeirah

Swipe right to the artificial archipelago which is shaped like a palm tree and dotted with restaurants, clubs, resorts, malls and amusement parks. It is a man-made marvel that is perfect to spend the entire day.

  • Find your favourite dishes on the menu of the famous restaurants chains like Nobu and Astoria's.
  • Go on a speedboat tour for sightseeing.
  • Keep your senses calm with coffee spa.
  • Feel breezy and boozy at Beach Club.
  • Travel the rockstar style with the helicopter tour.
  • Soak in the sunset views with the best dishes laid out on the table at Penthouse.
  • Revel in a private suite and pool at Atlantis, the Palm.
  • Explore 65,000 marine animals at The Lost Chambers Aquarium.


  • Aquaventure Waterpark

Complement your tour at The Palm by having a ball at the Aquaventure. One of the craziest waterparks, you would ever be at, this is a mix of zones to either boost your adrenaline with several rides or laze around on the beaches. Hurl down a 30-metre flume in a tank of sharks, let kids play in a maze of tunnels, swim in one of the 11 pools, zipline across the park and explore plenty of cool waterslides.

  • Dhow Marina Dinner Cruise

Give your trip a classic end by sailing on an exquisitely decorated dhow cruise. This used to be a traditional boat but has been remodelled into the two-deck floating restaurant. Either you are on a  romantic escapade or family hangout, this dhow cruise will overwhelm you with the grandeur of the most affluent neighbourhood, Dubai Marina. The cruise slides across the tall skyscrapers and illuminated skyline. Enjoy the evening in the sea with live entertainment and music. Gratify your taste buds with the delicious buffet and revel in the top open-air deck.

Hope this layout helps to plan a memorable Dubai holiday.