The state of play and social media trends in 2022

The state of play and social media trends in 2022

The Meltwater platform, a market leader in monitoring, social media management, and influencer marketing has just published its annual report on social media trends.

As every year Meltwater draws up in its comprehensive study an inventory of social media in 2022. This report is based on a survey of more than 3000 marketing and communication professionals around the world. Very well done, it provides a perfect overview of the issues and challenges for communication and social media professionals.

Growth of social media in Pakistan and around the world

The report first looks at the growth of social media platforms around the world, with a focus on the situation in Pakistan. There were 48.00 million social media users in Pakistan.

Use of social media in B2C and B2B

When it comes to the most used social media in Europe and the Americas, Facebook (90%), LinkedIn (88%) and Instagram (81%) stand out. The latter notably overtook YouTube this year. Another fact found by the study: LinkedIn is now used in B2B, but also in B2C. 

Few changes in this ranking in Pakistan apart from the stronger use of Pinterest in Pakistan than in the rest of the world. Despite its increasingly massive use, TikTok is still largely shunned by Pakistan brands, only 10% of Pakistan respondents have invested in this network. 

In terms of the channel used, there are also significant disparities between B2B, B2C, and non-governmental organizations. In B2B, the most important channel is LinkedIn, ahead of Facebook and Instagram. In B2C, Facebook is ahead of Instagram and LinkedIn. On the NGO side, Facebook is ahead of Twitter and Instagram. 

Objectives and KPIs by channel

In terms of objectives related to social media actions, the companies questioned mainly wish to increase their brand awareness (82.5%), increase commitment to the brand (61.8%), and the acquisition of new customers ( 48.3%). 

As for the KPIs used to measure social media performance, the 3 main ones are engagement (78.7%), the number of followers (71%), and the traffic generated (63.2%). KPIs geared towards measuring ROI such as the number of leads or turnover are used by only 31.4% and 17.3% of respondents.

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A still highly internalized activity

When looking at the organization of social media teams within companies, a large part of the work is done internally (65%). 25% of respondents outsource less than half of their social media actions to an agency, and only 2% all their social media actions. 

Among the most outsourced elements, unsurprisingly, the video comes first (54%), ahead of the management of social ads (40%), and the production of text or image content (37%).

Increasing budgets

78% of survey respondents say that in 2022 their budget dedicated to social media will be stable or increasing. This increase in budgets can be explained in particular by the growing need for content, and in particular, videos, which are often outsourced and expensive. On average, 27% of the total marketing budget is invested in social media. 

In Pakistan, there too the budgets are increasing (40%), or stable (37%), only 4% of respondents intend to spend less in 2022.

Axes of development

Regarding the development axes for 2022, the content will be at the heart of concerns for 67.8% of respondents. A fairly logical choice as social media strategies is dependent on content to be effective. The desire to increase the size of its communities is still favored by professionals: 46.9% of them will aim to have more followers by 2022. On the commercial level, lead generation (34.9% %) and increasing sales (27.6%) will be a priority for many marketers and social media professionals.

The remainder of the report looks in particular at the place of influencer marketing, social selling, and employee advocacy in 2022, and the objectives of these strategies. Several focuses on the differences between organic and paid strategies are also available. An excellent way to understand social media strategies in 2022 and to situate yourself in relation to these major trends.