The Different Jewellery Options For Your 2021 Wedding

If you are looking to get married in 2021, you will want to choose the jewellery you wear for your big day carefully.

The Different Jewellery Options For Your 2021 Wedding

The jewellery that you wear on your wedding day will have a significant effect on your outfit. It is something that you should take your time in choosing. You will want to try and not detract from your wedding dress and rings that you are going to wear so here are some tips and advice to help you decide.


Your Engagement Ring


The most ostentatious piece of jewellery that you should wear on your wedding day is your engagement ring. Whether you choose one of the handcrafted Sydney diamond engagement rings or one that is a family heirloom, make sure that the rest of the jewellery you wear will not upstage your engagement ring.


Your Wedding Ring


The wedding ring is often much simpler than the engagement ring, but it is still vital that they match and go well together. For example, if you choose one of the pink diamond engagement rings Australia is famous for, you will need a similar but understated style for your wedding ring. Once you know what the wedding and engagement rings will be, you can then start to select the rest of your jewellery and accessories for your wedding day outfit. 


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Your Earrings


If you have pierced ears and will be wearing earrings for your special day, you will want to ensure that you select a suitable style for the occasion. You will not want anything too big and dangling from your ears, instead choosing something simple and understated. A simple pair of studs is an excellent choice, and you can also choose ones that have precious gemstones if you have them available.


Your Necklace


Whether your wedding dress has a low-cut neckline or a high one, if you are going to be wearing a necklace for your wedding, you will want to choose something that matches. The lower the neckline is on your dress, the bigger a necklace you can wear, although you do not want anything that is too big and flashy. A simple necklace is often the best choice no matter what style of dress you are going to wear, and it will ensure that everyone’s focus is where you want it to be.


Your Hair


Many brides will also do something special with their hair for their wedding day, and this can include wearing a tiara or a broach in their hair. If you are wearing a veil, you may wish to avoid adding any accessories to your hair, as they can get in the way and not look as good. If you are not wearing a veil, you can opt for a simple tiara to give you that feeling of being a princess, but it may be an idea to do away with the jewellery in your hair altogether. Instead of jewellery, you can opt for flowers in your hair which is much more traditional and can look fantastic when it is done correctly.


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For more ideas on the type of jewellery you should wear for your wedding day, there are plenty of wedding tips and other information available online.