The Best Way of Cooling Your Home!

We rely on AC because it is the fastest way to cool ourselves, and it also leaves you with the higher electricity bill.

The Best Way of Cooling Your Home!

When summer hits us, we do everything to maintain the favourable temperature, but it leads to a higher electricity bill. You ask anybody about the best ways for cooling your home, and they will say crank up the air conditioner to the highest possible setting and marvel at human technology. But what nobody says is that in that process, you are cranking up your electricity bill and at the same time hurting Mother Earth with the emissions from the air conditioner. Then the most obvious question which comes is, then how do you cool your home? Well, to discuss that, we have brought to you multiple cooling ideas that are energy-efficient, expense efficient and do not cost our planet a single year.

A Few Ideas to Efficiently Cool Your Home

#1. Windows: When we are feeling hot, our most natural reaction is to close all windows and doors and turn the air conditioner on. But cooling like this is not the most efficient option. We have this mindset that keeping hot air outside is the way to cool our homes, but the wind coming into our houses helps cool a lot. Since prehistoric times humans have been using wind to cool them because this method of cooling works. Look around your home and the area from which the most wind comes in; open the windows of that area. Windows create ample air circulation, thus keeping your place cool.

#2. Fans: Fans require very little power to operate and can serve the purpose of cooling you very well. Fans circulate the air around you at high speed and pull the warm air upwards towards the fan, and as a result, only cold air exists around you. Some fans can also rotate in two different ways; hence, it can either pull the air upwards or push it downward. The second case is for winters. So, make sure you know in which direction your fan is rotating.

#3. Coolers: Coolers work similarly to air conditioners when it comes to cooling you, and it does not emit any harmful gases and requires one-tenth the energy an air conditioner requires. Evaporative coolers have water inside them, and they draw in warm air from the room, which makes the water evaporate, and as a result, it gives out cool air. Although this air is not as cool as an Air conditioner, it gets the job done pretty easily. These coolers are perfect for areas that have lower humidity.

#4. Curtains: Curtains can act as an excellent form of insulation that helps in cooling. Curtains can help to keep the heat out if you keep them shut. The heavier the curtains are, the better it can keep the heat out. Moreover, you can also buy curtains according to your room's style and decorate your room with the curtains. For some reason, you do not want a curtain, or you want an alternative, there are options like shading or glazing your windows. If you attach a black film, it helps in keeping the heat out.

#5. Roof: You must have noticed that if you are wearing something black in summer, you feel hotter, but if you are wearing something in white, you feel cooler. The same logic can be applied to the roof of your homes too. Painting the roof of your home white will help in reducing the temperature of your home and in cooling your rooms.


Cooling your home without an AC is not something very difficult. We rely on AC because it is the fastest way to cool ourselves, and it also leaves you with the higher electricity bill. Use the methods mentioned in the articles, and you do not even have to think about an AC anymore!