Steps to find out and assign your end of lease cleaning job to the reliable cleaning company

Even though there are many end of lease cleaning companies, we hardly find a professional and reliable cleaner. This helpful guide will help you to identify a reliable company.

Steps to find out and assign your end of lease cleaning job to the reliable cleaning company
Assign your end of lease cleaning job to the reliable cleaning company

The tenant admits that the lease end is a stressful period. We need to take care of many things. The major ones are - cleaning the new house to move in, shifting all the belongings to the new house, and finally cleaning the house to get our bond back.

The most problematic situation is when we fail to hand over the house as mentioned in the lease paper. This is because we may not be able to get our bond back. Therefore, we need to hand over the house similar to the condition, as we moved in. Some people clean by themselves but we suggest hiring professional cleaners as they have the appropriate equipment and know appropriate ways to deal with the stains. Additionally, they will follow the end of lease cleaning checklists so that every area is worked out.

Steps to get the list of end of lease cleaning companies.

Even though there are many end of lease cleaning companies, we hardly find a professional and reliable cleaner. Hence, we need to go through helpful steps to identify a reliable company. The first step is to get the list and the following sources might be helpful:

  1. Referrals from friends, relatives, and neighbour

The easiest way to find the cleaners is from referrals. If you ask your friends, relatives, and neighbours then they will provide you with a list of good cleaners. Now you only need to identify a reliable company and start to assign your cleaning works.

  1. Online search

searching online local directory for top end of lease cleaning companyAlternatively, you can search the phrases like “end of lease cleaning city name”, “end of lease cleaning company”, “best end of lease cleaning company”, “best cleaners for end of lease cleaning”, etc. through the Google search, Bing search or any other search engine that’s available on your device. With that, you will get lists of cleaning companies.

  1. Online local directory

There are lots of online local directories that have lists of cleaning companies. Some of them are gumtree, yelp,,,,,,,,, etc. Search the phrases through inbuilt search and there you are with a list of cleaning companies.

  1. Social media

Social media is mainly used to connect with our friends, relatives and like-minded people but at times, social media is also used to connect with business houses and follow their news. As every social media has its search engine, you can use the phrase to search for a reliable cleaning company. Additionally, you can follow the cleaning company and when required you can communicate with them.

Factors that affect the reliability and credibility of the end of lease cleaning company.

Now, you get the list of the cleaning company, the next step is to find out a professional, and reliable cleaning company. You can use the following factors to rank the companies as per their quality of work.

  1. Reviews

To know the experiences of other people with the cleaning company, one can read the online reviews. The best place is Google reviews, Facebook review and recommendations, and reviews on other local directories. Additionally, you can learn the company’s rating as well. But remember there may be fake online reviews, both positive and negative. Hence, understand the review clearly and act accordingly. This article, “Why You Can’t Really Trust Negative Online Reviews” will help you to understand it more clearly. In addition to that, the company can’t have a 5/5 rating as the service providers aren’t perfect. So, look after these factors.

  1. Experience and accreditations

The company’s experience and accreditations also help us to understand their credibility. You can look on the website, ask for the photos of previous works. If you have stubborn taints then you can ask the cleaning procedure. If you feel trustworthy then you can assign to them.

  1. Warranty policies

You can check out company policy for any extra information like warranty, guarantee, and compensation. Additionally, check whether the cleaners are security screened and insured. If by any means the company fails to deliver what they promise then these policies will help you to get compensation.

  1. Cleaning quote

The price doesn’t determine the quality of cleaning. So don’t go after too cheap and too high price. Be sceptical and check what service you will get with the price you are paying. Be sure to inquire in detail.


With this guideline, you will be able to identify a professional and reliable cleaning company. Don’t hassle and confirm with the first ranked company. Instead communicate with the first three or five companies to determine which one to hire.