Sleep Dentistry Melbourne Solutions For Sleep Apnea

Sleep Dentistry Melbourne Solutions For Sleep Apnea

Irregular sleeping can cause great discomfort to the body as it prevents the person from gaining adequate continuous sleep during the specific hours of the day or the night. The interruption of sleep during the various sleeping cycles can also lead to serious mental problems, and such a condition should not be overlooked or taken lightly. 

One of the primary reasons behind a person experiencing such sleeping problems is that they suffer from sleep apnea. In this condition, a person’s airways get constricted due to the physical relaxing of muscles in the throat, thereby causing breathing problems while sleeping. Such a condition is called obstructive sleep apnea(OSA), and it is possible to treat it using specific Sleep Dentistry Melbourne solutions. 

The other type of condition called central sleep apnea is instead challenging to treat using oral solutions because it is a form of a neurological disorder that may be corrected only using surgeries. 

How does Sleep Dentistry Cure Obstructive Sleep Apnea? 

Typically, Sleep Dentistry is a branch of dentistry that helps the patient relax during dental procedures by using controlled medications, but there’s more to it. Sleep Dentistry can also treat sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea for patients whose condition arises from dental problems. These problems could range from teeth grinding (bruxism) to having imbalanced jaws, large tongue-to-mouth ratio, and so on. 

It is possible to treat these oral conditions by obtaining custom cosmetic dental solutions from a Sleep Dentistry Melbourne Clinic, which can perhaps negate the need to obtain CPAP therapy. 

Sleep Dentistry Melbourne Clinic Treatment Options 

A few particular cosmetic dental treatments can provide reliable sleep dentistry solutions and improve the person's facial appearance. A patient will not be advised to get surgery upon their first visit because the dentist will initially diagnose their oral appliances to find the root cause of their breathing problems. 

Once it is certain that oral appliances could address the problem of sleep apnea, the following treatment options may be available to the person from a Sleep Dentistry Melbourne Clinic:

1.      Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) 

When a person subconsciously has a tense jaw or grinds their teeth while being in a resting position, they may have trouble breathing smoothly, which makes them gasp for air in their wakefulness and even in their sleeping state. These events cause interruptions in sleep as the brain sends signals to the respiratory system to take breaths, without which the brain is at risk of suffering from hypoxia. 

The Mandibular Advancement Device works to support the jaw by keeping it balanced to prevent bruxism and jaw clenching issues. The device itself looks like any mouthguard used by sports players, and it is commonly also known by the name of Night Guard. 

The process of acquiring this device will involve performing a diagnosis of your mouth from an experienced dentist followed by taking a mold of the insides of your mouth. The latter step will help structure a custom mouth guard that properly comforts your teeth, tongue, and jaws. On the next visit, your dentist will provide this device and instructions to wear it as per requirement. 

2.      Tongue Retaining Device 

The primary function of this device is to forward the lower jaw and support the tongue so that they cannot restrict the throat and the breathing apparatus within it. Such a device is useful when a person's tongue has scalloped edges or when the tongue subconsciously is stretched to the roof of the mouth. 

Although snoring is caused by nasal obstruction, this device also offers the function to maintain the proper structure of the mouth so that the nasal passages are less obstructed in a resting position. Obtaining the Tongue Retaining Device follows a similar procedure as getting the Night Guard, but it is dimensionally smaller. 

Benefits of Sleep Dentistry for Sleep Apnea Patients

A few benefits offered by sleep dentistry treatments in comparison to using a CPAP machine are stated below: 

  • Eliminate snoring issues and bruxism to improve nighttime sleep quality.
  • Easier to maintain and carry while traveling.
  • Requires no electricity to work and is quiet.
  • It offers better oral comfort.

Thus, it is ideal to seek Sleep Dentistry Melbourne solutions if a person suffers from sleep apnea because it often originates from poor oral health management.