Six Reasons Why Piano Is the Most Favorite Instruments for Kids

Six Reasons Why Piano Is the Most Favorite Instruments for Kids

The piano is one of the most known musical instruments worldwide. It was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori early in the 18th century. And it spread in every household from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.

The piano is an instrument for all people of all ages. But for some people, it is one of the best instruments for a young kid where there are benefits for them. Parents have the vision for their children to play professionally because learning piano will enrich kids' lives in so many ways.

Based on a survey, playing instruments is high on the priority list of children. It showed that the piano was the most resounding favorite musical instrument and where kids could play very well.

Want to know more? Listed below are the six reasons the piano is the most perennial favorite for kids.

  • The piano is the most versatile of all instruments

In the kingdom of all instruments, the piano reign as king. One of the unique qualities a piano has is, it can accompany itself. It is also used to play two-part simultaneously. Unlike the other instruments, the piano allows pianists to play in different settings, including ensemble, accompaniment, performance, and composition. It offers different textures that are applied in every genre of music. Despite being a single instrument, it can cover the full spectrum of any instrument featured in the orchestra.

  • It is an orchestra and band all-in-one

The piano works well as a leading instrument. As you will know, pianos certainly cover 88 notes on the music scale. Thus, it can produce faster rhythms and melodies, making it a fabulous introduction piece. It can also be a background rhythm because its frequency can go lower and higher. It can lyrically provide pitches that generate different musical styles and moods. The piano can play an orchestra does.

  • Don’t need to plug it in perfect when the power goes out

It is one of the notable percussion and string instruments that can be played. This instrument can play on its own. The piano is with the keys themselves, which is why they are heavier. It is an acoustic instrument, where the sound is produced and amplified physically. The piano does not require a power source, making it perfect for kids. It allows them to explore sounds as they press the keys. This instrument is very convenient and less stressful for the teacher and kids when having their lessons. It may cost an enormous amount of money, but the benefits the kids will gain playing the piano are incredible.

  • Piano improves coordination

Learning to play piano offers a lot of advantages to players of all ages. Lowering stress, developing concentration, and enhancing their motor skills are some benefits of playing the piano. This kind of instrument is ideal for young ones. It helps improve their coordination and learning how to keep the rhythm. Playing the piano trains maximum coordination from mind to hands to feet and between hands and eyes. It requires the kids to keep committed and have discipline while learning to play the violin. Learning piano helps kids to maintain their minds and body in good shape.

  • The piano has a wide range of pitch

Standard piano covers eighty-eight notes of the musical scale, offering a wide dynamic range. The piano has a broad and good range of pitches, the lowest notes that are lower to reach bass violin and the highest notes that can reach higher than piccolo. Music for piano can be noted into two staves which are both treble and bass clef.

  • You can play many genres of music on the piano

 Playing piano gives the player the freedom to express oneself in any style. For beginners students, they will be eager to learn how that to play their favorite song. As for children, they are excited to learn simple songs like "Mary had a little lamb", as it is easy to understand. The piano is a popular instrument because it can produce the sounds of other instruments. Learning to play piano and mastering it will help your kids to play other instruments easily.

Some of the most known music styles are:

  • Classical music

 It describes as formal music, and its sounds mainly focus on elegance and balance.

  • Jazz music

 Playing jazz means that the sounds of other instruments are needed to be played. However, with the use of the piano, all the instruments can be played beautifully and based on their notes 

  • Musical theater music

 It can describe as a kind of performance played in the theater. Musical theater performance blends spoken dialogue, acting, dance, and songs.

  • Pop-rock music

 This music styles focus on loud drums and bass lines which can be played on the piano.

  • Liturgical music

 This music style mainly focuses on worship songs or gospel music. The text is based on the experiences of the people and how valuable salvation is to our life.

These music styles are possible in piano. Some of them are easy or difficult in piano melodies, rhythm, and sounds are way possible.

Final thoughts

Have doubts about giving your kids online music lessons, particularly in playing the piano? Learning kinds of an instrument is very important to your kid's development. Do not hinder your kids in learning how to play the piano and support them instead. Having the ability to play a musical instrument is a wondrous thing, especially if it is a piano. It develops many skills and talents in the young minds of every child that can be used elsewhere in their lives.

Learning piano by ear and understanding the basic concepts of the piano is frustrating. The new best way to pursue your kid's musical journey is by entering them into online piano classes right away within your house. The modern way of pursuing your musical journey that can help your kid's development.