Guide to Select The Best Fireplace TV Stand - 6 Tips to Consider

Learn how to choose a right fireplace TV stand for your living room based on your daily need, the material, the size and more.

Guide to Select The Best Fireplace TV Stand - 6 Tips to Consider
Fireplace TV Stand

What is fireplace TV stand?

Fireplace is usually-seen in US. According to Wikipedia, fireplace or hearth is a structure made of brick, stone or metal designed to contain a fire. Fireplaces are used for the relaxing ambiance they create and for heating a room. Modern fireplaces vary in heat efficiency, depending on the design. Nowadays, fireplace is equipped in some furniture, especially TV stand. There comes a fireplace TV stand. Moreover, the fireplace will be the centerpiece of the TV stand, which adds the aesthetic sense to your room. For safety, most of TV units now feature with electric fireplace since compared with gas or wood, smoke may smell good but it is not good for people.

How to choose the right fireplace TV unit?

There are some important things that you should consider before purchasing the right fireplace TV stand.

  1. Size:

The best one is the most suitable one for yourself. Measure the available space of your living room for the TV stand. Then, please make sure the TV size, which decides the width of the TV unit, especially when you have owned an old TV and don’t have plan to get a new one.

For balancing with the TV size, refer to this recommended table below from, which is for the standard TV stand. You also can select flexibly based on your design. For instance, the corner TV unit with fireplace fits well for a small room.

TV Stand for TV Inch


  1. Style:

Besides the size, the style is also vital for selecting TV stand. Based on your design, confirm the modern, mid-century, farmhouse, classic or luxury home decor style. Then choose the corresponding TV stand for your living room. If you have no idea about matching the TV stand with decor style, browse some furniture website online or contact the customer service for the TV stands details.

Fireplace TV Stand

  1. Function/Storage:

As a TV stand, it does not only fit for TV, DVD and some entertainment systems, but also keeps daily items organized. Are you looking for a TV cabinet with drawers, hidden storage or open shelves? Select flexibly based on your demand. To be noted that a fireplace TV stand must include less storage than a general TV cabinet since the fireplace would take up large part of the cabinet.

If you tend to get a space-saving fireplace TV stand, check out the wall-mounted or embedded TV units. In some cases, if you only want it for decorating your room, just consider the elegant look and design.


  1. Materials:

Many fully-assembled fireplace TV stands are made of MDF and solid wood, including a metal fireplace unit inside. Select the right material based on your budget and daily need.

Generally, there are many colors of the fireplace TV stands. Most of them are made of manufactured wood, because it is painted easily in different colors for various home decor styles. It is durable even though is cheaper than solid wood.

Solid wood is more expensive than MDF and it well ensures durability and stability. It cannot be painted in many colors and patterns so it just fits for vintage, rustic and farmhouse style.


  1. Safety

There are plenty of safety details to be considered.

As we mentioned above, both MDF and solid wood material can be selected but it is necessary to check the standard of formaldehyde release. Promise it is kid-friendly.

For the heating methods of fireplace TV stand, electricity is widely-chosen now, compared with gas and wood. Electricity fireplace is safe to heat up and doesn’t create the smoke, which is friendly for people’s health and safe to use around kid and pets.


  1. Heating System:

Infrared heating and forced-air heating are widely-used. The former one is more expensive. It makes the heat radiate out into the room with the infrared heat bars. Currently, the infrared TV stand fireplaces with 1,500 watts offers 5,200 BTUs to heat up to 1,000 square feet, while forced-air heaters with 750-1350 watts to provide 4,500 BTUs heat up to 400 square feet.


To sum up, it is not complicated to select the right fireplace TV stand for your living room with those six practical tips which are verified by lots of people.