Remove Ice Cream Stains from your Carpet

You love gorging on your favourite flavours of ice-cream but feel frustrated when you accidentally drop ice cream on the carpet. You should not take the effect of this stain lightly as it is a protein-based food, which can make it even more challenging to remove the stain. Although mild cleaning can take care of the stain and it may disappear, you notice the formation of a yellowish or brown ring eventually. Using a dryer to absorb excess spill can make it even more challenging to remove the stain properly.

Things to remember

When it comes to removing stains during carpet cleaning Doveton, you should check the label properly to get information regarding washing and dry cleaning the carpet. If you notice dry cleaning recommendations on the care label, you need to take the carpet to a specialised cleaning service to perform a better cleaning task. However, if you are trying to apply the dry cleaning method at home, you should not only figure out the stain correctly but treat the stain properly with a suitable stain-removing solution before using the equipment for dry cleaning.

Read the following steps to understand how to carry out the removal ice cream stain from the carpet at home.

  1. Use a spoon to scoop out the ice cream from the carpet as much as possible. However, you need to remember how to stay careful and avoid scrubbing into the fibres. You need to work from the outer edge of the carpet to the inside area to prevent the stain from spreading further.
  2. In the second step, you need to dip a piece of cloth in cold water or club soda to rinse the residue of the ice cream from the carpet. Finally, blot the area with a cloth as you rinse and repeat the sponging process.
  3. Combine requisite quantities of water and dish liquid and water and apply the solution on the carpet with a sponge before blotting it dry with a cloth.
  4. Remember to treat the ice cream stain as fast as you can and avoid using hot water to clean the protein stain during carpet cleaning at home.
  5. Rubbing liquid detergent used for cleaning the laundry is suitable for the carpet cleaning task. If the stain of ice cream does not want to go quickly, you can rub liquid detergent on the area gently for the best outcome.
  6. Instead of using dishwashing soap or liquid laundry detergent, using shaving foam can also work wonders, and all you need to do is apply a bob of shaving cream on the stained area and rub the area gently with a toothbrush. Furthermore, you have to sponge it while rinsing in water and allow it to dry.
  7. If the ice cream stain is stubborn, use a mixture of ammonia and water for cleaning the stain, but do not forget to test it on one section of the carpet before leaving it dry.

Dealing with a dried stain of ice cream

If the ice cream stain has already dried, you may need to deal with it differently. For the removal of dried ice cream stains, try to remove it with a spoon or knife to scrape the remnants. After the completion of the residual removal of ice cream from the carpet, you can rub laundry detergent over the stain and leave it for about thirty minutes. Rub the stained area generously with your fingers so that the liquid can penetrate deep inside ad finally follow the steps of ice cream removal.