Reasons To Visit Split, Croatia

Reasons To Visit Split, Croatia
Reasons To Visit Split, Croatia

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia after Zagreb, which is the capital city. Split has been the perfect balance between antiquity and modernity. Split has grown into a vibrant and versatile destination, which is perfect for all sorts of visitors. In spite of this, Split has still maintained its ancient past and rich history. Travels in this city have been eased by the presence of numerous Split taxi which can take you to various destination in and out of the Split city. There are several reasons why you should visit Split while on your sailing trip in Croatia. Here are the reasons for visiting the city of Split.

1. The Historical Roman Place

Apart from being the second-largest city in Croatia, Split boasts its historical masterpiece, in this case, the Diocletian’s palace. This beautiful historic seaside attraction was put up in the 7th Century AD. The Diocletian emperor used to reside in this Palace. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Diocletian palace was well conserved, and currently it’s a tourist attraction, also serves as a commercial business center, its presence has led to the building of night sceneries as well as the vibrant city restaurants. The historical background of this great palace is magnificent. The palace makes it possible for you to experience the sunset breathtaking views and also get to view several ancient arts.

2. Famous Beaches

Split has a great number of beaches, Bacvice being the main beach in this great city. Split is known for the popular beaches as well as the rugged coves. While on your trip to Split, you will realize that the beautiful beaches have two different personalities. On the course of the day, they are fun places where you and your friends can hang out, while during the night, they act as wild party centers that will ensure you have fun and enjoy the best moments of your life. If you value privacy then you can opt for secluded and private beaches, Trstenik would be the perfect destination for you. Its situated on the south of Bacvice has delightful sandy cove that is ideal for various fun activities like sunbathing and its free from disturbances allowing you to spend your time freely.

3. Vibrant Nightlife

Split is a center for parties. It’s in the Split where the locals and visitors can party throughout the night. The nightlife is fascinating. Split has a stadium fest which can last for up to three days, and this is one of the events that this city boasts of. It's dignified by the Day-Glo as well as the beautiful fireworks. The view is just eye-catching at night. The wild parties bring together party lovers from entire Europe and the globe as well. Ultra festival is another event in Split which attracts all sorts of people annually.

4. The Cathedral of St. Domnius

This is the outstanding piece of architecture in Split; it’s one of the sights you cannot skip to visit while on your trip to Croatia. It was built in the 7th Century by the Roman Catholics. Tourists travel in large numbers to explore this magnificent masterpiece and also to view the church treasury wealth.

5. Culture

Split is a cultural city, with a variety of museums as well as the art galleries acknowledging the history, heritage, and the art of this great city. On your visit to Croatia, you will be able to see the Croatian National Theatre as well as the children’s puppet theatre, and this will give you an excitement of a lively cultural scene.

The discussed above are some of the reasons why you should visit the Split city in Croatia. This is a great city with all sorts of attractions and that why you should think of visiting this city at least once in your lifetime.