Put On Your Coloured Contact Lenses Expertly

so many newbies who got themselves a pair of coloured contact lenses like the white contact lenses have no idea as to how to put on their coloured eye contacts.

Put On Your Coloured Contact Lenses Expertly
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Once you start wearing coloured contact lenses, there is no way you are going back from them. They are totally amazing, allowing you to change your eye colour at will or enhance the natural eye colour to look more beautiful. No wonder why so many people are switching from glasses and regular contact lenses to coloured contact lenses.

These contact lenses provide an enhanced appearance and also they can be used for vision correction. And the treat doesn't stop there, these coloured contacts lenses are also available in special effect versions such as the mini sclera contact lenses. These coloured contact lenses are a wonderful accessory and you just can't stay away from it.

But so many newbies who got themselves a pair of coloured contact lenses like the white contact lenses have no idea as to how to put on their coloured eye contacts. That is why we are going to provide a proper guide so you would have no such trouble and there would remain nothing to discourage you from using coloured contact lenses

Some important things you should know about coloured contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses are amazing and all but there is one thing you need to keep in mind that coloured contacts are medical devices. For that reason you are required to get  prescription from your eye doctor so you can use them without any consequences.

Yes, you will need a prescription if you are going to use them for vision correction. But even if you are using them for fashion purposes even then you need a prescription. Believe me, buying special effect coloured contacts like the mini sclera contact lenses also requires a prescription.

This prescription describes the dimensions and the type of contact lenses that would suit you. So many people face consequences because they go out and buy the lenses without getting their eyes examined. Due to that the lenses do not fit properly or the eyes do not accept material of the lenses. So you need to keep that in your mind


How To Put In Coloured Contact Lenses Like Expertly

I know you are excited about your coloured contact lenses so I am just gonna go and lay out the steps

  • Wash your hand, hygiene friends. As mentioned, coloured contact lenses are medical devices that are going to sit on your EYES. So make sure everything is cleaner than anything. Starting from your hands. Wash with soap and warm water and properly dry them before touching your lenses


  • Check your coloured contacts. Once you have cleaned your hands you must then check your coloured lenses. And before putting them in your eyes clean them with the solution delicately. If they are new then soak them in the solution for a good 2 hours and then wear them.


  • Place the lens cup side up on your index finger and thumb. Take out the lens from the case and place it on the tip of your index finger and thumb. Make sure to put the cup side up.


  • Hold up the upper lid and hold down the lower lid. By enlarging the eye that way you can easily place the lens on your eye. So use your other hand and first hold up the upper eye lid with your index finger and then the lower lid with your thumb.


  • Put in the coloured lens now. Now you must place in the coloured contact lens in your eye. You can either put it on your iris or on the side of the eye. Some experts can put it exactly on the iris perfectly. But it is better for you to place it on the side and then move your eye to get it at the right area. Then you must blink so the lens settles in.


  • 6. Check Lens Movement. Now that the lens have settled on the iris, you must check by moving your eyes and see if there is any sign of irritation and discomfort. Any irritation or discomfort and you would need to take it out and put it back in again.. .


I hope this would help you with the seemingly difficult task of placing in your coloured contact lenses. Oh yeah, repeat the same process with the other lens. 

The process of putting in your coloured contact lenses is pretty much the same. You may feel a little different or may face some difficulty with mini sclera or sclera contact lenses. These lenses are bigger than the usual coloured contacts and other special effect contact lenses. So they might trouble you at the start but with time I think you will get the hold of it. Keep practicing .