Planned Preparation For A Perfect House Shifting

Best tips of your managerial skills as you prepare for the move. This article is about the planned preparation for a perfect house shifting and here is how you should proceed:

Planned Preparation For A Perfect House Shifting
Planned Preparation For A Perfect House Shifting

House shifting is a multifaceted and meticulous activity. There are too many areas to take care of and too many things to move from one place to another. All of this clutters our minds and we experience stress.

Thus, house shifting is stressful and if you don’t want to feel stressed, you should prepare in advance. Planned preparation is the key to a perfect house shifting.

Several tasks come under the preparatory phase of house shifting. You have to carry out multiple activities before the day of the move to make it a smooth one. You have to prepare your family, finances, the new house, and the things in your current place.

You have to portray the best of your managerial skills as you prepare for the move. This article is about the planned preparation for a perfect house shifting and here is how you should proceed:

Prepare an inventory

The first step of the preparatory phase of a house shifting is to prepare an inventory. You should mention all the possessions that you want to move from your current house to your future house.

You can make a different inventory for each room to conduct the house shifting in a more organised way. An inventory assures the fact that you do not miss out on any belongings. Moreover, you can estimate the size of your move.

Determine the layout

Since you already made the inventory, you know the size of your move. You need to measure the size of your new house. If you are considering an intercity move, call your new landlord or the property dealer renting or selling you the house. Ask them about the exact measurements of the rooms and request them to send you a blueprint of the new house.

You can now measure the bigger pieces of your furniture and decide where they fit the best. Chalking out the placement of your belongings before the day of the move is an important part of preparation. After shifting to your new house, you don’t have to waste time wondering which thing goes into which place.

Prepare a moving budget

This is one of the most significant factors in the preparatory phase of the house shifting process. You should check your savings and decide on spending up to a particular limit.

Determining this limit of expending on a particular product or service is called budgeting. Your house shifting should have a determined budget as well. Do this in the initial stage to have clarity on your maximum spending capacity.

Find the best-suited packers and movers

As you prepare the other aspects of the house shifting process, it is important to decide the mode of your relocation. You can either choose to conduct the house shifting all by yourself or you can seek professional help for the same.

If you decide to move through the packers and movers, you should finalise the moving company way ahead of the day of your move. You will find a lot of packers and movers in your nearby area; short-listing the best-suited moving company is a big deal.

Ask your friends or neighbours if they know of some trustworthy house shifting companies. You can also do some online research and find out the ratings and reviews of the various customers who have already availed of their services.

After you have short-listed three to four moving companies, call them up individually. Ask them to conduct a pre-move survey and send over the cost quotations. Compare the quotes and choose the company that will offer you the cheapest rates for house shifting.

After doing the entire procedure, you should examine if the moving is authentic or not. Visit their office and ask them to produce their IBA-authorisation certificate, trade license, company PAN card, and GST certificate. If they can show the documents, they are genuine. It is important to ensure the safety of your goods so verify the whereabouts of the moving company before finalising them.

De-clutter the house

This is an important part of the preparation for the house shifting process. Many unnecessary items in your house are of no use. There is no point in carrying them to your new home. So, de-clutter your house and separate the essentials from the inessentials.

You can get rid of the unnecessary items by selling them, donating them to a charity, or by discarding them. Carrying the essentials to your new house will make your move compact thereby reducing the moving cost.

Photograph the belongings

After de-cluttering the house, take photographs of the essential items in your household. It will help you to assemble the furniture in the right way if you dismantle them during the move.

Furthermore, if your things get damaged during the move, you can ask your moving company to pay the damages by producing the photographs of the damaged item before and after the move.

Keep the valuables aside

Your household has some commodities that are of immense value to you. Keep them aside and don’t let the moving team interrupt in this matter. Pack your pricey jewellery, expensive watches and electronic gadgets, confidential documents, etc. in a discrete bag and keep it safe under your surveillance. Carry it with you as you travel to your new house with your family.

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Make an overnight kit

Pack the essentials that you will need immediately after you move into your new house. Fresh clothes, undergarments, bedspread, towels, toiletries, dental kit, and disposable cutlery are some of the things that you should pack in the overnight kit. Carry this kit with you and don’t mix it up with the other packing boxes on a moving day.

The Final Preview

The preparation for the house shifting starts as soon as you start ideating about the move. Preparation ends on the day of the move when the packers and movers arrive at your place and the real action begins.

Your diligence in preparation results in a successful accomplishment of the entire move. I am sure that the aforementioned tips on the planned preparation for a perfect house shifting will prove useful to you. I wish you a prepared and perfect move!