Perhaps the biggest surprise is the seventh seed Brooklyn Nets

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Perhaps the biggest surprise is the seventh seed Brooklyn Nets

The first round of the tournament had Nba 2k23 mt a few surprise, as most of the big teams were able to take down their foes with ease. The matches that included teams further to the top of the list were intense with those between the Mavericks and Jazz combination, which played the full seven games regardless of missing NBA 2K23 cover athlete Luka Doncic in games one and two.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the seventh seed Brooklyn Nets defeating the second-seed Boston Celtics in six games, mostly because the Celtics are already 2-0 in the opening round. The one prediction that is the closest to becoming a reality is the Philadelphia 76ers sweeping the Toronto Raptors, as the series is currently at 3-0 in Philadelphia's advantage.

The second game of the round saw The Phoenix Suns takedown Doncic and the Mavericks in just six games while the Grizzlies defeat the Warriors in six games. The 76ers continued to demonstrate their superiority in the postseason, thanks to Ja Morant who is one of the best players in NBA 2K23. The 76ers defeated Miami Heat Miami Heat in five games. The Bucks beat the Nets in a thrilling seven-game series, setting the stage for an exciting couple of Conference Finals.

The first-seed Suns progress towards the NBA Final by eliminating the second-seed Grizzlies in six games, ending their outstanding season. Devin Booker will have likely played a part in the Suns remarkable postseason run, as Booker is the second-highest shooting player in the NBA 2K23, placed just behind James Harden.

In a turn around of fortunes The 76ers are defeated by the Bucks having lost only one game during the tournament's initial two rounds. It's an incredibly disappointing end of what proved to be a thrilling beginning to Milwaukee and their supporters. The stage will be set for a match-up between the first-seed Suns and the third seed Bucks.

The Bucks could have a chance of nba 2k23 mt coins taking home this year's NBA Championship, but their attempts were foiled against the Suns. In a Finals series which went on for all seven games, Phoenix hangs on to beat Milwaukee and bring an end to Milwaukee's excellent season and exciting post-season run.