Nootropics What are they and how are they Used

Nootropics are better known by their popular names such as smart drugs and cognitive enhancers, which are medications that are used across the whole world for enhancing brain function.

Nootropics What are they and how are they Used
Nootropics What are they and how are they Used

Nootropics are better known by their popular names such as smart drugs and cognitive enhancers, which are medications that are used across the whole world for enhancing brain function. There are many uses of these nootropic medications and people from different vocations use it for their own distinguished reasons. 


Most of the cognitive-enhancing drugs have been reported to enhance productivity, boost creativity and some of them even have mood-boosting properties. 


Due to the lack of research in the use and effects of Nootropics, they are rarely prescribed as smart drugs but are used for cognitive enhancement as the off-label use of certain medications. 


Let's explore the uses and effects of these smart drugs and see if they are worth the hype. 


Enhancing Memory

There is no doubt in the fact that human memory has deteriorated in the past few years. More and more people are facing Alzheimer's disease in their old ages now when compared to the people in the past. Our lifestyles and the availability of information at a single click does not require us to specially train our brains for storing and collecting information. This is one of the reasons that we have a hard time with our memory than people of 2 or 3 decades ago. 


This incapability made memory-enhancing drugs an evil necessity in the current competitive world and thus there are many drugs that are used for improving memory and retaining information such as Modvigil, dubbed as student pill as many people use it to improve their academic performances.


Improving Concentration Span

Apart from our memory, our concentration skills have also taken a beat due to our current gadget-friendly lifestyles. In the constant bickering of notifications, calls and screen flashes, it is almost impossible to concentrate well ahead on a single task. Some people delude themselves by saying that they are multitasking when in fact they are incapable of focusing on a single task for a specific span of time. 


People of vocations that demand spans of uninterrupted concentration and focus use Nootropics to expand their concentration spheres such as scientists, researchers, detectives, and even soldiers across the whole world. Nootropic drugs are a hit among high-profile officials in the tech-world as well for their concentration-boosting properties. 



In this fast-paced and competitive life, we are all working against time to stay at the top of our game in all spectrums of our life. The zeal to get more done in less time is understandable and even encouraged in many result-oriented places. But our productivity may be cut down due to many reasons and thus affect our performance at work and even our financial stability. 


People working at odd hours such as graveyard shifts, rotating shifts, and even night shifts find a drop in their performances over time. There are many people in the information technology sector as well as the corporate world who work for up to 18 hours a day for most days of the month. Such hectic time schedules, as well as working hours, can take on toll on anyone's productivity. 


There are certain medications such as Waklert and Artvigil which are popular for getting up the productivity levels of people working during odd hours, and it is even provided as a prescription medication for the treatment of shift work sleep disorder, a condition which affects people working during odd hours. 



Every one of us knows that we all want to do things, perform better and succeed in all areas of our lives, but one thing that often holds us back is the lack of motivation to get up and start these things. Some of us are very good at starting things but often lack the will to see things till its finish lines which give us a long list of uncompleted tasks that feels even more draining. 


Certain Nootropic medications are used specifically for the production of dopamine in the body which motivates us to undertake tasks and finish them quickly as Modalert which contains the wakefulness-promoting drug known as Modafinil



Due to the spread of information and awareness about conditions such as anxiety and depression, many people are coming out to seeking treatments for various times of mood disorders apart from depression and anxiety.

Nootropic drugs are now being used to regulate the moods of people suffering from these mood disorders and many people have experienced positive experiences after the use of these drugs. 


These drugs are often accompanied by various therapy and counselling and thus making them a part of the treatment in treating certain conditions. 


As nootropic drugs primarily are said to work and improve the brain functions, the use of these drugs for people in mood disorders may go up once enough research is done and the benefits of these drugs are established.


Despite the fact that more research is required for establishing the obvious benefits of these drugs, many Nootropics are being used for the treatment of a various condition such as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and even depression and people are reporting a positive impact on their moods, as wells their productivity at in academic as well as professional areas.