Long sleeve vs. short sleeve - Which is better for Gym

Long sleeve and short sleeve shirts have their own pros and cons. This article will help you decide exactly which type of shirt will work for you.

Long sleeve vs. short sleeve - Which is better for Gym

Choosing the right clothes is the first step in getting the most out of your workout. If you are not mindful of how your workout apparel can be hindering or helping you gain muscle or lose weight, then you must read the following pros and cons. 

Long Sleeve Shirts 

Long sleeve shirts are usually available in stretchy material made from Lycra or Spandex. This material is woven in a manner that it compresses your body. Thus, wearing long sleeve shirts is not a hassle for the material because it clings on to your body to assist you during workouts. 


More support: The compression material of long sleeve shirts is in close contact with your muscles – It provides better support and helps blood circulation. 

Enhanced Vascular Function: As discussed above, the pumping effect of the compressed shirts allow more blood to stream through your vessels while working out. This is especially helpful in anti-gravity positions, which may cause pooling of blood. 

Sturdier Grip: Your muscles are fueled with ample amount of blood and nutrition so there’s a faster repair process. You will not feel lethargic after reps and your grip will be stronger. You will have lesser cramps due to decreased accumulation of lactic acid. 

Quicker warm-up: if you are someone who hates wasting too much time warming up – then long-sleeve shirts can help your body warm up a bit faster. 


Tightness: Long sleeve shirts can constrict your movement and give a feeling of tightness. But this only occurs if you are not wearing a shirt that fits your size.

Increased water loss: One may assume that excessive sweat that is accumulating in long sleeve shirts is due to the burning of fat but it is usually because of the loss of body water due to heat regulation. Thus, you will end up feeling tired and stressed sooner than anticipated if you are working out in hot and humid weather.

Appearance: If you are not in shape, the compression long sleeve shirts will not look that good. You have to have good arms, shoulders, and chest to look good.

Short-Sleeve Shirt

Most people tend to prefer going to the gym in short sleeve shirts. They seem to help in workouts, especially in warm weather. 


Effective heat regulation: Short sleeve shirts are usually preferred on those long running or gym days when the heat is unbearable. This is a cheap and easy solution to beat the heat and get the most out of your workout. This is why you see a big majority or marathon participants wearing short sleeve or sleeveless shirts. 

Boosts confidence: Our physical appearance has a positive impact on our performance – that is why when you have a muscular build, it feels great to show it off in a tight-fitted, short sleeve shirt. It will not only make you look buff at the gym but might even be inspiring for beginners. Moreover, you will be able to get more done. And even if you are just starting, and don’t have the physique of a sportsman, you will look better in short sleeved shirt.  

Comfort and Breathability: Short sleeve shirts can help you easily pick up the gear and start working out without worrying about the extra length of the shirt coming in the way. Unlike thick, compression clothing, these shirts are breathable and lightweight. 

Loose shirts made with polyester and Spandex provides you with the ventilation that is required during hardcore workouts. Hence, greater effectiveness can be achieved through effective airflow in your shirt.  


Low self-esteem: If you are new to the gym, it is very natural to be intimidated by the big guys, especially if you are a lanky or an obese guy. If a short sleeve shirt makes you self-conscious of your arms, then you cannot get the most out of your workout. Try wearing a long sleeve, moisture-wicking shirt till you make some gains. 

Choosing the right fit: Choose garments that are not too tight or loose and you can perform better in your workouts. Moisture-wicking shirts work better if they are a little more fitted. 

Finally, whether it is a long or a short-sleeve shirt, the most important element is that it should be moisture-wicking. Irrespective of the weather, no one wants you sweating over the machines in the gym.