LG Hom-Bot 3.0 Robotic Vacuum Review

The LG Hom-Bot 3.0 Robotic Vacuum makes house cleaning much easier and less tiresome because the robotic vacuum cleaner is capable of handling multiple cleaning tasks. The cleaner stands 90mm tall, and it's slim, sleek shape enables it to fit under furniture effortless while cleaning. You do not have to wait until you get home so that you can clean the house because the Hom- Bot allows you to automatically schedule automatic cleaning at the set time of the day, week and month. You do not have to be at home for the cleaning to take place because once you have set the schedule, it’s done automatically without any supervision. The vacuum cleaner comes in a wild cherry red color, which makes it a beautiful addition to your home. It’s also lightweight, and you easily carry it from one room to another without having to use a lot of energy.  

The microfiber mop is very effective, especially on hard surfaces because it cleans even the finest dirt residues and stains on your tile and carpet. The robotic cleaner is designed in a way that it does not scratch your floors nor ruin your carpet while cleaning. The Hom-Bot also has a Voice alert feature that makes periodic announcements once the cleaning schedule is complete. The vacuum cleaner also comes with powerful main brushes that loosen and sweeps away stubborn dirt in the entire house. To clean the corners and edges, it has effective side brushes.  



  • Hom-bot feature for scheduled automatic cleaning  

  • Dual eye mapping system which knows where to clean  

  • Insulation that absorbs vibration and noise thus works quietly  

  • Total clean sweep with vacuum and mop functions  

  • Long life cycle and great battery life thanks to Li-Ion polymer battery  

  • Dimensions: 17.75” x 6.13” x 20.75”(H x W x I)  


The dual-eye mapping systems know the areas in your house to clean, and it does so with amazing precision leaving your house free of debris, dust, and dirt. The robotic cleaner is heavily insulation to absorbs the vibration and noise that you can read or watch TV without irritating noise. The Li-Ion polymer battery has a great battery life and life cycle, which means the Hom-bot can work for hours before and last for a very long time. The best thing about this cleaner is once it has finished the scheduled cleaning it returns to base where you can recharge for the next cleaning. As I've read in this blog “there is no complete robot vacuum....” but all of them can help us to make your life easily. 


The computerized feature means you do not have to move your furniture because it can navigate around and reach the most hidden area under the bed, cupboard, and seats. With the Robotic Vacuum, you will always be coming home to a clean house every day.