How to launch your own marketplace with the Prestashop Marketplace Addon?

Build multi-seller marketplace using the Knowbands PrestaShop multi-vendor marketplace addon. Marketplace built using the multi-seller marketplace addon offers full mobile app compatibility.

How to launch your own marketplace with the Prestashop Marketplace Addon?
PrestaShop Marketplace Addon

The concept of having a marketplace has been going around like wildfire. Well, it is!! The reason it has been so popular because every eCommerce marketer wants to make it big in his business. While some start selling on a marketplace like Etsy, eBay, or Amazon, others create a marketplace. If you are someone who’s on the latter side, the Prestashop Marketplace Addon is the answer to your questions. However, this only works if you have a Prestashop store to start with. In case you have an OpenCart platform or any other, Knowband features marketplace extensions for them as well.

So, now, if you are interested in the Prestashop Marketplace Module by Knowband, we’ll lay down the various questions and their answers that will help you have a better understanding of the same.

What does the Prestashop Marketplace Plugin do?

The Prestashop Marketplace Extension by Knowband effortlessly transforms or converts your Prestashop store into a marketplace. The store admin a.k.a., you can easily flip some buttons from the back-end of the module and there you have a fully working marketplace of your own.

How to get the Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace Module working in your store? 

For this part, you’d have to buy the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Extension from Knowband. Install it in your store. Configure the module (as we mentioned in the last point - flip some buttons) and there you are - ready to launch your own marketplace. Thanks to the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin, you can do that without any effort. 

What is the setup process of the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module?

  1. Buy the Prestashop Marketplace addon from Knowband
  2. Install the module.
  3. Configure from the back-end - enable/disable, manage registrations, and everything else

Do you need coding knowledge for setting up the Multi-Vendor Marketplace module by Knowband?

If you are a layperson and coding is not your forte, you can still be able to handle the transformation of your store into a marketplace. The Prestashop Marketplace Addon comes with a User Manual (a step-by-step guide) that helps you at every step while installation and configuration.

What are the key features of the Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace Module by Knowband?

Features for Admin

  • Seller management - monitoring and tracking every activity of the seller. In addition, the admin can manage the seller requests as well.
  • Commission management - set a commission rate for all or individual sellers.
  • Payout management - the admin can manage the payouts requested by the sellers. They can either automate the process or handle it manually. 

Features for Sellers

  • Smart dashboard - for tracking orders, asking for payouts, updating their profiles, and more.
  • Add multiple categories - the sellers can ask the admin to approve categories before they can make them live on the marketplace.
  • Seller management - manage the registration process, the list of products, orders, shipping methods, and more.
  • Link social accounts - the sellers can link their FB, Twitter or Instagram, Pinterest accounts with the seller page.


Do you have any other questions that we can help you with? The Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module by Knowband is a worthy buy for the success of your business. In case you have any other queries, do let us know here -