Keeping Rodents Away From Home | Natural Methods

Keeping Rodents Away From Home | Natural Methods

Rodents cause property damage to homes, offices and are very dangerous for your health as they spread many health diseases. If you find rodents inside your house, this will increase the health risk by spreading diseases like plague, rat-bite fever, and food poisoning. Rather than that they gnaw through walls and electrical wiring. Always keep human food in metal and glass containers as rodents feed upon human food sources. 

How Do Rodents Enter Houses?

There are cracks and holes inside the walls and floors of your house so rats and mice enter inside the home as their body shape is perfect to fit through those holes. Another way is to enter through windows or ceilings and the sewer lines. Rodents also make their way inside via oven gas lines and around the plumbing. So there are some organic pest control services and home remedies to control their entrance.

Here are Some Special Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Rodent:

Seal All Entries:

It’s very important to seal all the entry points through which the rodents enter inside the house as they are so tiny in size so it is easy for them to make their entrance even from small holes. 

Peppermint Oil:

Take some peppermint oil on cotton balls and directly spread near the holes to prevent the entry of the rodents inside your home as rodents don’t like the smell of peppermint. Repeat this process several times a day and this will freshen up your house and keep the rodents away.


Like humans, rats also hate the smell of onions so their smell will keep the rats away from your house. But you need to replace the onions daily with fresh onions as some onions rot quickly. So this natural remedy works more effectively rather than expensive pest control services.

Hot Pepper Flakes:

Hot pepper flakes are the most inexpensive way to prevent the entry of rodents inside your home. Sprinkle the pepper near the entrance of the house and where you find the rodent's holes.


Ammonia smells so disgusting like urine so fill the plastic bottles with ammonia and put them anywhere under the sink and make sure to keep them out of reach of pets and children. 

Humane Trap:

There is a humane way to catch mice. In this method, you can trap the rat or mice in a box. Once they get inside the trap there is no way left for them to go out. Always release them 1 mile away from your home so that they will not come back and if you leave the rodents inside the trap for more than 2 days then maybe they will die.

Cider Vinegar:

To prevent the entry of the rodents, spray the cider vinegar inside your home at least once a month. Dilute the Cider Vinegar with water and sprinkle outside and inside near the entry points. So, This is also a very effective Pest Control Plan for pest control