It is recommended that when you Vertus Pet is summoned in Lost Ark

The Adventure Tome is complete.

There are plenty of Lost Ark virtues by completing your journey Tome. To do this, you need to traverse each continent, one after another Buy Lost Ark Gold. Finish all areas and locate the collectibles. Also, you must learn all the ways to communicate with NPCs and go through every level. There will be a lot of virtue points at this adventure, so be sure to not miss out

In case you are not satisfied with the current effects of your pet Vertus Pet, you can utilize the rerolling method to alter it. The effects of your pet can be recharged with Prideholme by visiting an NPC called the Working Achatemeow NPC. A reroll costs about seven crystals. However, since this currency is free you are able to refill it multiple times as often as you need to. The player will be offered three options from which you can choose and replace the current pet's effect with. The Vertus pet's buff will be rerolled randomly too.

Vertus Pet Effect Bonuses

Because the Vertus Pet has 2 combat abilities, defensive and offensive it is possible to gain an assortment of skills that you can get while rolling. Following are both the offensive and defensive skills for you Vertus Pet.


Expertise: +2-10%

Crit: +2-10%

Swiftness: +2-10%

Endurance: +2-10%

Specialization: +2-20%

Domination: +2-10%


Phy. Damage Reduction: +5 percent

Mag. Defense: +2-10%

The Mag Damage Reduction +5 5 %

Max HP: +1 to 5 Percentage

Phy. Defense: +2-10%

Crystalline Aura Benefits for Vertus Pet

It is recommended that when you Vertus Pet is summoned in Lost Ark, you activate the Crystalline Aura as well Lost Ark Gold for sale. If you've got an activated Crystalline Aura activated, you will be able to access the following benefits.

This will boost the defensive and offensive buffs your character gets from your pet.