Is Metal Roofing Energy Efficient?

Is Metal Roofing Energy Efficient?

Your roof is the most exposed part of your home to the sun. A good roof must be able to reflect the sun's energy back to keep your house away from heat as much as possible. While both shingle roof and metal roof do an amazing job for your home. It is always preferable to go for the best, right? Metal roofing is perfect for this. Metal roofs can surely prove to be energy efficient. 

The demand for metal roofs has highly increased in the past few years. Why? Metal roofs are energy efficient. Simple. Here are some answers that nod a yes towards metal roofs’ energy efficiency and reasons that tell you why you should get them. It is very important to hire the professional plumber services.

Metal Roofs Can Radiate Back the Sun's Energy 

Metal roofing is much better at thermal performance when you compare it to shingle roofing. So, Metal roofs work best for when you need your roof to reflect the sun rays back in the opposite direction. In this way, it does not transfer heat to your home therefore you do not use your air conditioner all day long to keep your surroundings clean. This is of course energy efficient!

Metal Roofs Works Best For Insulation

Another aspect of good thermal performance is that metal roofing provides good insulation. With strong reflection some strong insulation. Metal roofing maintains the temperature of your home by not letting the conditioned air inside affect the warm or cold air outside. 

Metal Roofs are Solar Friendly

Another perk of metal roofs is that it is very much compatible with solar panels. One can easily get solar panels installed on them. Whenever we talk about solar panels, energy efficiency is in the conversation. 

Through proven facts, we can say that metal roofs are successful in reducing flow of heat by almost 45%, keeping your home cool by about 20-30% more compared to shingled roofs, and keeping your energy bill costs low by 30-50%. You do have adequate reasons to get metal roofings. 

Metal Roofs are Durable

Shingle roofs are not durable when compared to metal roofs. Bad climate situations like heavy rain and storms can damage your shingled woof, whereas metal roofs can endure this all. Let’s say a shingled roof can last you for 15 years, metal roofs will last you for double or triple the time duration. 

Metal Roofs are Fire Resistant 

Getting metal roofs installed leaves you tension free. Metal roofs do not spark or catch fire during lightning or any short circuit unlike shingle roofs. 

Metal Roofs are Low Maintenance

You might require re-roofing or roof replacement in the case of shingle roofs. These shingles do get expired or damaged soon unlike metal. Getting metal roofs installed is all that you have to do. Maintenance won't be a problem at all. 

Installing metal roofs can be expensive but that is not all about it. We have given every reason to account for its worth. Making an investment once and for all is better than making investments every few years. You can also take hel from Roof Repairs Plumber Sydney.