Importance of Compliance Audits During COVID-19 Crisis

Since 11 March 2020, when The World Health Organisation declared the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, industries across the globe had witnessed unprecedented changes in their operations.

Importance of Compliance Audits During COVID-19 Crisis

Businesses have their workplaces shut, and employees are working remotely to follow social distancing regulations. Video conferences with employees juggling their personal and professional roles and trying to keep their work and personal life separate has become the new normal.

We are no longer surprised to see somebody’s kids playing in the background when we call them for morning updates. Many people do not even bother putting on work formals! The work environment has changed drastically. So, the crucial question that remains to unanswered is how do we keep a tab of compliance audits in this new world, and how is it important?

This pandemic has brought forward a new set of statutory risks. Compliance audits are essential to maintain operational standards across businesses. Mainly when workforces have scattered to working remotely, and leaders juggle between crisis response and operational continuity, audits become even more crucial to keep a check on security risks.

Compliance audit executives in a business can help the leaders and management take informed decisions by weighing all risks and opportunities. Failing to host/support a compliance audit within the stipulated regulatory timeline will result in high costs of penalties, suspension of certificates, and reputational damage for a business. Businesses must move ahead with considering the repercussions of non-compliance.

COVID-19 has invited many new regulations which are updated almost daily as governments struggle to keep the situation under control. Well-planned compliance audits can improve the business processes and their effectiveness in the new world.

In developing your response to the crisis, what can help businesses is to know the fluid environment and continually reset priorities. Keeping your eyes on the medium and long-term future is the call of the hour. Compliance audits can provide guidance that will be helpful t o prepare for the future. It will eventually help build stronger teams providing even greater value to the department or business.

But in hindsight, complying to regulatory audit standards was difficult for many organisations even before the pandemic hit. We can imagine how challenging it will be for them to keep up with auditing in the remote work environment. Audit and compliance management strategies needs restructure to suit the changing requirements of remote working.

It is the right time to look for a straightforward tool that can help your business cope with compliance audit requirements. If you too are searching for a new way to manage compliance or reframe compliance management for your business, you can benefit from Mobiöm audit management software. Businesses need a paperless system that efficiently helps manage audits, inspections, and inspection checklists.

Mobiom compliance audit management software can help simplify audit management and inspections with easy workflows and powerful reporting. It assists you right from adding audit requests and through the whole audit management process. Mobiöm also ensures smart auditor allocation based on the qualifications and work experience of auditors to match the requirements of your audit requests.

Mobiom cloud-based compliance management system facilitates information access regardless of the device and stores all the data online. Your auditors, managers, and decision-makers can have the required information at the tip of their fingers. Storing all the data online is incredibly helpful when we are keen on avoiding contact with physical documents and maintain social distancing.