How to Upgrade Your Current Kitchen without Remodelling?

In this post, you will know 8 ways to upgrade your current kitchen that’s fresh as new that too without performing a full-fledged kitchen renovation job.

How to Upgrade Your Current Kitchen without Remodelling?

The kitchen is an essential part of the home and keeping it clean, functional, and looking modern is paramount, to make your kitchen distinctive. Here are simple ways to upgrade your kitchen without remodelling.

1. Give a New Coat of Paint to Your Kitchen Walls

Your kitchen walls colour is fading away, so it has started to look dull or uninteresting. Well, refresh your kitchen walls with a fresh coat of new paint. If you want soft colours — you can go for pearl white, lime, pink, light brown, sky blue or grey. Conversely, you can select a darker shade if you so desire. When choosing new paint colour for your walls, keep the colour of your kitchen cabinetry in mind — the paint colour you select for your walls should match with your cabinets.

2. Include Open Shelving

If your kitchen does not already have open shelving, then you can add it. If you have a large wall vacant, then you can accommodate for some open shelves. They are a fantastic way to showcase your attractive glassware, collection of serve ware, or captivating cookbooks. In this way, open shelving will not only give more storage to the kitchen but also make it look appealing. To offer an extra touch of classiness, add minimal or sculptural brackets.

3. Refresh Kitchen Hardware

It is easy and quick to refresh your old, dated kitchen hardware to give it a new look. Refine your finishes with a brass alternative in a sleek, modern shape. It will make your kitchen trendier without costing you dearly.

4. Rethink About Your Cabinet Space

If you wanted to renovate your kitchen to increase the storage space, then look at your current cabinets to see what you can do to enhance the storage space so that you don’t have to go for a complete kitchen makeover. Well, you can increase your cabinet space by buying progressive shelving inserts and dividers or a lazy Susan.

5. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you like a soft colour hue like off-white or light grey, a couple of coats of the paint will entirely alter the look of your whole kitchen. Painting your cabinetry can be some labour, but it’s unbelievably cost-effective. It will only cost you a couple of paint cans along with some elbow grease if you’re going to DIY (Do It Yourself).

6. Install Range Hood

If you don’t have a range hood already installed in your kitchen, then you should think about installing a brand-new range hood to aid extend the life of your new cabinetry by keeping it free from grease accumulation.

7. New Kitchen Appliance

You’re at less financial stress when you have to buy just one or two kitchen appliances at a time. Find out the kitchen appliance that you regularly use or give you most problems, and exchange it for the latest model. It will help you to work more productively and make your entire kitchen look and feel fresh as well.

8. Under-Cabinet Lights

Try installing under-cabinet lighting if you don’t have it. You’ll find different options as LED battery-operated versions that blend effortlessly. This type of softer lighting alternative looks fabulous, especially at night compared to overhead lighting. It will also allow you to showcase gorgeous display pieces.

Voila! Easy ways to transform your current dull kitchen into an energised kitchen that’s fresh as new that too without performing a full-fledged kitchen renovation job.

Final Words

If you want to undertake semi or full-fledged kitchen remodelling, then get in touch with an expert kitchen designer, as he/ she can help you choose from the latest kitchen design in Melbourne.

Conversely, if you want to construct only new cabinetry and avoid the kitchen renovation job, then contact experienced and skilled custom cabinet makers.