How to Teach Yourself Anything

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How to Teach Yourself Anything

hello  welcome to the scope of science and welcome to my home I'm just going to press the doorbell hear that Star Wars doorbell that you heard at the beginning of this video I taught myself how to make that using an Arduino but it's not the first time that I've taught myself how to learn something in fact the first time is probably when I was 3 or 4 years old when I taught myself how to play chess now I'm not bragging in fact I'm trying to prove a point that it's actually possible for anyone to learn anything as long as they do it the right way so when I learned to play chess it was because my parents were gone for a week and my grandma who I loved who was babysitting me didn't know that I wasn't supposed to spend the entire week on the computer so I spent the entire week on the computer playing battle chess which if you haven't heard it that's probably because it's from like the 80s but the entire idea of battle chess is that you play chess but when the characters take each other when you take a pawn with a knight they battle each other and they die and I wanted to see all of the possible combinations of killing that could happen in battle chess I wanted to see what it looked like when you took the Queen with a pawn I wanted to see all of the possible combinations and in order to do that I had to figure out how all the pieces moved .

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And what kinds of responses I could expect from the other player when I made a certain move so I had two things I had a lot of fun and I had an objective and it's those two things that in my opinion are the most important things for learning anything we can look at a dozen different examples of this and I'm going to go through a few as a stem educator I get asked a lot about how to learn how to code and I think that tears Kevin actually address this question better than I possibly could he said don't learn to program that's like learning how to saw or how to glue or how to hammer solve cool problems and make cool things couldn't have said it better myself I also taught myself how to program when I was in grade seven my brother Greg who was a few years older than me was taking a class on it in high school and he installed a program that you could code in called we Newt object-oriented Turing he installed that on our computer at home.

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And I wanted to learn how to use it because I wanted to learn how to make games and so I did that it took me some time but I figured out how to make a game where there was a spaceship you could fly up and down and asteroids flew across the screen and you had to dodge them and that was really fun and it was a fun objective later I ended up picking that same class in high school when I got to high school and I made a game in Java where it was it was basically a ripoff but I named mine fortress and you could move paddles left and right and they would go around a corner and you had to protect your castle it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot doing that now that was for a project but I still had the chance to have an objective and have fun doing it and I think that that's really important .