How To Prepare For Your Tooth Extraction?

How To Prepare For Your Tooth Extraction?

We bet there was nothing more of a feeling of achievement than getting your first tooth out! Tooth extraction is an essential process whether it happens in home or at the nearby dentist clinic

There is some preparation we can do with any procedure. In this article we will discuss in detail about tooth extraction 

Why Tooth Extraction? 

Excessive tooth decay, tooth infections,partly broken tooth ( in some cases) may require tooth extraction 

Milk or temporary teeth of children you can also extract. Some adults may even remove their wisdom teeth. Well there could be a number of reasons ranging from pain to cosmetic purposes 

Tooth Extraction at Dentist’s Clinic

What happens! 

  • X-ray

By taking the X-ray of your tooth just to double check and cross check with your concerns.

  • Tell Your Dentist About Any Other Medical Conditions 

This is very essential for the dentist to choose what anesthesia is giving to you and what could be the possible risks your dentist can avoid otherwise he would have not known of. Even it be a small cold or nausea feeling a day before make sure you tell that your dentist 

  •  Don’t Eat or Drink 6 Hours Prior to Tooth Extraction

If you're receiving IV anesthesia then make sure you don’t eat or drink 6 hours prior to tooth extraction. Some experts suggest upto 12 hours. Ultimately it depends on your dentist. Also make sure you know about the side effects and risk of anesthesia from your dentist. In general anesthesia you might need someone else to drive you home after the procedure 

  • Tooth Extraction and Surgical Tooth Extraction

The actual procedure could vary depending upon your needs. There are two types of extractions done; simple tooth extraction and surgical tooth extraction. In simple tooth extraction a local anesthetic is given, the dentist using an elevator and forceps removes your tooth. It’s a very painless and risk free procedure which has nothing much to worry about. Also it’s a short procedure 

In surgical tooth extraction in addition to local anesthesia an additional intravenous anesthesia or general anesthesia might be given. You might be unconscious during the procedure. This comes with certain risks as with any surgical procedure. 

It’s a long procedure

Bleeding, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, shortness of breath etc are risk factors for surgical tooth extraction 

  • Recovery 

Depending upon the type of tooth extraction recovery times also vary. In simple tooth extraction the recovery time may be from a few minutes to a few hours depending upon the tooth and the patient. In surgical tooth extraction recovery time maybe from few hours to few days 

So the recovery for your dental procedure must be asked and confirmed with your dentist. 

Also Some Other Advises Must Be Followed After Tooth Extraction Such As 

  • Resting and relaxing first 24 hours after tooth extraction 
  • Not rinsing your mouth first 24 hours after tooth extraction 
  • Following medicines prescribed by your dentist post tooth extraction 
  • Brushing and flossing all except the extracted site 
  • And other advice that your dentist advises you which depends on your tooth extraction procedure and you. So Next time you visit a dentist you don’t have much to worry about because you have read this article!