How To Make Solar Panels – Quick Start Guide

Our planet has always been endowed with vast and natural sources of renewable energy. Of these, one of the most readily available is solar energy.

How To Make Solar Panels – Quick Start Guide

Since man discovered the amazing uses of fossil fuels, we have been consuming them so irresponsibly that they are near depletion, without concern for the serious damages it does to the environment. The demand for sources of renewable energy has never been as great and critical as it is now. We are threatened not only by the eventuality of our fossil fuels getting exhausted, but also by the severe threats to the environment, and our lives, posed by global warming.

Our planet has always been endowed with vast and natural sources of renewable energy. Of these, one of the most readily available is solar energy. The sun generates huge amounts of energy every day, just waiting to be harnessed and put to practical use. Currently, solar power technology uses solar collectors to absorb the sun’s natural energy and convert it to usable heat energy in households. You will often see these solar collectors placed on the rooftops of some houses. These solar collectors provide heating for the household’s water system, as well as for swimming pools.

Wind energy is also one of the major sources of renewable energy that holds a lot of potentials. Not only is wind an abundant and unlimited energy source, but it also does not produce toxic gases into the atmosphere. Simply put, the wind is generated when the sun heats up the atmosphere and causes air molecules to move. Ancient Egyptians recognized and utilized the power of the wind to pump water and grind grains. Eighteenth-century Europe also took advantage of the simple technology of windmills for the same purposes.

The wind industry was all but disregarded when oil and gas became an abundant and cheaper alternative energy source. But with grave possibilities of fossil fuels running out and the actual realities of oil prices skyrocketing and the destructive effects of global warming, the development of the wind industry is being given another look.

Another renewable energy source is our vast oceans. The development of marine energy technology is a relatively new enterprise. The waves and tides hold a lot of potential energy that can be harnessed and converted to usable energy. Like other sources of renewable energy, marine energy is also sustainable and clean. 

Hydrothermal energy, a different form of water energy, has been in existence for many years; water is collected in reservoirs where its flow is controlled to produce electric energy.

At present, however, marine energy technology is still in its infant stages. Placing devices that can collect energy from the waves and tides in the middle of the ocean is not a simple undertaking, to say the least. But a marine energy device called LIMPET is on its trial stages on the Scottish island of Islay. And this could be a feasible start for this alternative renewable energy source.

Last but not the least, geothermal energy also offers a lot of possibilities. Geothermal energy is the energy stored in the earth’s core in the form of hot water and steam. Natural hot springs are scattered in many parts of the globe and these produce attainable and manageable energy. Geothermal energy has also been used for many centuries but it is limited to places where geothermal reservoirs can be found.

Because the resources are restricted by location, the existing technology is expensive and not readily available to everyone. But it is still a very good alternative energy option, especially for those who don’t have access to other sources of renewable energy.