How to Identify a Bald Car Tyre? A Complete Guide!

Tyres are amongst the most crucial components of a car. It is due to the fact that they are the only parts in direct contact with the ground. So naturally, they come in contact with lots of foreign materials like debris, dust, stones, nails, etc, that ruin their surface and degrade them. One of the major parts of the tyre is its tread depth and pattern.

How to Identify a Bald Car Tyre? A Complete Guide!

Tyre treads are responsible for maintaining proper grip and traction on the road. They are also responsible for reducing aquaplaning and restraining the car from skidding. Treads ensure that the stopping distance is as minimum as possible, especially on rainy and slippery roads. 

So, when the tyre moves on the roadways, friction is certain to be there and so is the heat from it. This friction reduces the tread depth over time. There are many other factors that contribute to the tread loss in the tyres. 

But, when the tread of the tyres becomes irregular or the depth decreases, the tyres become bald. Bald tyres can’t function properly and put the vehicle in danger. So, bald is the point where you must replace your old tyre and go for a new Car Tyres Redditch.

So, this post is about the signs of a bald tyre and how to notice them at the early stages. 

What is a Bald Tyre?

Who do you call bald? The person who does not have hair on his head. Similarly, a tire with no tread depth is a bald tyre. With every trip of your car, the tread depth decreases and the tyres approach the bald point. It doesn’t mean that one should not drive. It is a natural process and will happen one day. 

So, a tyre whose tread depth decreases by 2/32 of an inch is technically now a bald tyre. Most UK drivers neglect their tyre health and drive them to the point where the tyres show unavoidable and obvious signs of degradation. 

How to Identify a Bald Tyre?

It is not quite difficult to spot a bald tyre. You can do it simply by examining the surface of the tyre. A new tyre would have a lot of depth in the lines on it. But a bald tyre would have less depth or no depth at all. The surface would be completely even. 

Other than that, you can also visit your nearby garage or gas station and check your tyre tread depth there. 

Another method to spot the tyre tread depth is by using a coin. Simply take a coin and put it inside the tyre tread depth. If the edges of the coin show, the tread depth is less and the tyre is approaching baldness. If you can’t put in the coin at all, the tread depth is not there anymore.  

Normally, the tread depth under 3mm is dangerous to drive with. But legally, any tyre with tread depth below 1.6mm is illegal to drive on UK roads. At this point, you must change the tyre and get new ones because it becomes too risky to drive on them. Plus, it can result in a hefty fine if you get in sight of a police with these tyres on. 

Reasons for Bald Tyres:

Irregular Tyre Pressure Level:

It is one of the crucial points to look at if your tyre depth is decreasing. Over-inflation or under-inflation can cause the tyre tread depth to decrease. They can also cause other problems like a tyre burst, rupture, flat tyre, etc. 

Wheel misalignment:

Unbalanced tyres or misalignment of tyres can also cause uneven tyre depth levels. Misalignment in tyres causes uneven distribution of weight on the tyres and leads to baldness of tyres later. 

Improper or irregular tyre maintenance: 

You should regularly inspect and maintain your tyres to reduce baldness. Irregular maintenance also causes baldness in tyre treads. 

Risks of Driving on Bald Tyres:

  1. Bald tyres don’t have proper gripping action. So, they are prone to skidding on et and slippery roads. This can cause serious accidents as well. It is risky for both you and other drivers on the road.
  2. Tyres with baldness also increase the braking time and distance on wet roads. It can be dangerous in emergency situations when you need to brake immediately.
  3. Tyres are prone to punctures in this state. 
  4. Risk of aquaplaning increases a lot.

There are many of information important to understanding if you are a car owner or a driver. Along with having the best tyres inventory and Pirelli Tyres Redditch, we also give the best advice on everything related to vehicles. Our experts are always here to help you out. Call us now or visit our website for more information.