How to Get Rid of Ants?

How to Get Rid of Ants?
SafePestControl Technicians

Who would not admire the hardworking Ants when they gather food and start their division of labour to resolve their complex problems?


They are extremely hardworking and manage to help each other to protect their colony.


So our immediate action is highly needed to counteract their aggressiveness or else your home or business might be at risk from those ants!


Ants, the social insects


Ants are narrow-waisted common insects with very unique capabilities. Their sizes range from 0.30 inches to 2 inches, but the queen being the largest at 2.4 inches. Over 10,000 species are known in the world, most of them are black and red in colour.


As social insects, they manifest division of labour can communicate with each other, and can resolve complex problems in groups.


They have the colony or community, headed by a Queen who will ensure the survival of their colony through laying several eggs continuously, can live up to 15 years; Workers, usually female but do not reproduce, they only assign in getting food and take care of the queen’s offspring and protect them; and the Male, whose only function is to mate with the queen to reproduce more and more eggs.


One interesting fact about ants is that an ant can lift and carry more than 3x its own weight, imagine how strong they are!


Same as cockroaches, Ants also excrete pheromones to use in communicating and coordinating with other ants, sounds, touch, and smells are also other ways they use. 


Did you know that ants also use a pheromone to send messages to nearby ants when attacked? Yes, when humans crush an ant, it automatically discharges “alarm pheromone”. 


Ants are considered pests because they occur and use human places as their habitats also, share their basic needs such as food and water to survive. Argentine ant, Black house ant, Coastal brown ant, Green-headed ant, Pharaoh ant, Red imported fire ants, Singapore ant, and White-footed ants are some of these species.


In most cases, ants began to invade kitchens of food retail stores when attracted to sweets or crumbs coming from food storage.


They can also damage some indoor structures same as termites damage to wood structure over time.

Furthermore, certain ants may pose human health at risk, when they started biting using their stingers, mandibles, and mouth to pinch the skin as their defensive mechanism. The bites can cause pain, swelling, and infection if not treated immediately.

Fire ant can sting humans to inject venom which can lead to more serious health problems such as nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, and stomach cramps.

Lastly, ants are also food sources of other pests outside your home, and if there are ants present inside your premises, different pests may start entering your home as well and the infestation will likely occur. 


Keeping your kitchen, rooms and garden tidy and ensuring that no spilled crumbs or sweets on the tables and floors are some important ways on how to prevent ants’ infestation in your home.


Aside from that, by using some important items in your kitchen you can at least start to avoid ants in your home or food preparation area,


  1. Use boric acid and mix with food like sweets to poison ants

Putting the mixture with boric acid to ants’ favourite food to use as bait can poison them by affecting their stomach and metabolism, and when they bring the food with poison to their colony, automatically the rest will be poisoned at once.                                                                                                                                                                              

  1. Lemon and vinegar can also be used to prevent ants

As lemon and vinegar has acidic property, these can block the ants’ sense of smell and some ants will not be able to follow the trail when disrupted. You can also use lemon peels and vinegar to prepare the mixture and sprinkle it to ants or ants’ trail.


  1. Flour is one of the effective solutions to ants problem at home

By simply sprinkling of flour to areas where food stored, ants will not cross or pass on that line.


  1. Cinnamon is also a best option to eradicate ants

Ants really hate cinnamon, because it makes them suffocate and don’t allow them to breathe when they inhale it. Sprinkle ground of cinnamon to the areas where they pass; also you may use the cinnamon oil to avoid ants as well.


  1. Ants hate black pepper

Black pepper deter ants, once you already trace the source of the ant infestation in your home, sprinkle some pepper all over the area. Surely, ants will be gone at once.


  1. Use bay leaves in keeping away ants in your kitchen or any part of the house

Due to the strong smell and taste of bay leaves, ants do not like bay leaves. You may easily control them when bay leaves are placed in the different parts of your home wherever you see ants’ presence.


 But if there is an infestation growing in your home or food establishment and it is already difficult to control, better call up professional help to ease up your burden. 


Safe Pest Control Pty Ltd. is your pest control expert who can truly help you in eradicating those ants’ colonies in your backyard where you and your children usually play. Keeping it pest-free is the first thing in mind, and then easily you may build an aftercare facility for your children. Pest control will not cost you that much compared to the costs and problems you may encounter when your children were accidentally crushed by a colony of ants in the backyard and suffered many bites. 


For ants’ treatmentSafePestControl Technicians will do spraying using eco-friendly products to the lower outer walls first, then garden, going to an interior area, then apply the liquid baits if necessary, which later they can feed on. Due to multiple nests or colonies they might form, they use non-repellent treatment to control them. When the ants cross-over the treated zone, they automatically pick-up the treatment sprayed and go back to their nests where they infect others in it.  


Getting rid of ants is easy if you contact one of the most reliable pest control companies in Sydney, SafePestControl! Just Call 1300 119 085 now for immediate booking!