How to clean your clogged shower heads

When the water from your showerhead is spraying out in all directions and seems out of control.

How to clean your clogged shower heads

When the water from your showerhead is spraying out in all directions and seems out of control, or the water flow has completely died out, then the holes in your shower head are certainly clogged with deposits and need cleaning. But not to worry: we have a remedy for in case shower heads start to act strangely due to clogging, so sit back and read how you can heal your shower head.

How to clean your showerhead:

Cleaning your shower head is not that much of a difficult task, believe me, you do not need to call a professional to clean up your clogged shower head, given that it is just clogged with deposits

1. First, you need to start by wiping away as much of the dry debris from the holes as you can with a scrubber sponge, do it with soft hands and do not exert too much pressure. Usually, this does the trick.

2. But if the shower still refuses to spray in the right direction? Then mix a solution of, in one cup, water, and vinegar in equal proportions, and then pour it into a plastic bag.

3.  Tie-down the plastic bag around the showerhead so that the holes are immersed deep in the liquid, to be on the safe side make sure the whole of the showerhead is immersed in the liquid, in the end, make sure the bag is safely tied on the head.

4. Leave the showerhead immersed in the liquid for a good hour, 15-20 minutes will also do but an hour is better.

5. After the hour you are good to go to remove the bag from the shower, you will notice some deposits in the liquid which the showerhead released, run the hot shower so you can flush whatever is remaining in the head.

How to Maintain Your Shower

Now that your shower head is spraying freely in the right direction, make sure the rest of your bathing experience remains satisfactory. Here's how you can keep all the other tricky places in your shower clean and working perfectly.


Before starting to make sure you have allowed room for ventilation by opening the windows, then pick up your tub-and-tile spray cleaner. What you need to do is work on the shower in three vertical sections — this will cut down on fumes and prevent the cleaner from drying before you wipe it. Spray the first of the three sections, covering both tile and tub, and give it a few minutes to infiltrate. Then spray the second section, and let it drench while you clean the first.

With a wet scrubber sponge, wipe clean the first section, using wide strokes to cover more surface quickly, then wash the sponge. Then you must clean the wiped area with water. Then start on the third section and clean it in a similar fashion as the first section, while it is soaked you should wash the second section with water and then move on to third. For any residual grout stains, mix up water and bleach in a 2:1 ratio in a spray bottle. Let it immerse in for some time. Open the shower for a minute so it can clean itself, and give any outside-of-the-stream spots a quick splash with water.