How to Choose the Best Wedding Hair Style for Your Dress

Choosing the perfect wedding hair and makeup for your big day can be made simpler when you know what to take into consideration. This article looks at 5 factors to consider when choosing your bridal hair style.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Hair Style for Your Dress
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Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life so far, so you'll want to look perfect from head to toe! Just as with your bridal gown, your wedding hairstyle should complement your dress and fit with the overall theme of your wedding day. And while a Pinterest board can inspire you, you'll want to talk to a wedding hair and makeup artist about the options that will work best for you and your wedding dress. Here are 5 tips to help you choose the best bridesmaid hair style for your dress that will leave your guests talking about your gorgeous hair on your big day!

1) Consider the Overall Style of Your Wedding

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding hairstyle, but some looks will fit with just about any dress. If you're having a more formal event, you can keep your hair up and sleek, with long curls cascading down around your shoulders and neck. If you want something more whimsical and creative, try loose waves or an intricate updo.

For more modern, youthful nuptials, a pixie cut could be perfect. And if you're going in a rustic direction, there are plenty of great short bobs that work well at weddings. In essence, consider what kind of overall look you want (or don't), then look at pictures of potential hairstyles; do they seem like they'd go with what you have in mind? Try pinning them on top of models wearing dresses similar to yours! They'll give you a good idea of how it would look on you. A style may not be ideal for your gown simply because it doesn't work with the hair colour/texture/length that best complements your face shape.

Do a little research before picking out a bridal hair style, so you know what's possible with your natural hair type. Ultimately, though, trust yourself: You know yourself better than anyone else does.

2) The Length of Your Hair

Your wedding hairstyle depends greatly on how long your hair is. For the most fabulous look, pick something that works with your current length, unless you're willing to consider extensions or partial-bob cuts, which are both simple fixes. You can always go longer or shorter after you tie the knot! That said, if you're super short on time, stick with a simple shoulder-length cut that will work with any dress style and neckline.

As for up-dos? Super low bun updos will work with everything but super flowy dresses (and good luck getting them out of your house without snapping them!). Medium buns would be perfect for medium–long-haired brides wearing medium–short to full skirts; they'd also be great for messy half-up styles—as long as they don't touch your collarbone.

So, as you can see, it all comes down to picking an updo that either matches your skirt length or looks good at your natural hair length—because there are no real rules when it comes to choosing a wedding hairstyle. Just do what works best for you!

3) The Neckline of Your Wedding Dress

Many wedding dresses come with intricate and delicate necklines. So, choosing a hairstyle that plays off your dress's neckline is a great way to emphasize your best features. A low-cut back will be complemented by an updo or chignon, while a strapless dress will work well with curls or waves that hang loosely around your shoulders.

When trying on wedding dresses, find out which styles show up in them so you can anticipate how you'll wear your hair during your ceremony and reception. Don't assume your favourite hairstyle will look good—have samples done at a professional hair salon to see if it works with your gown. If you have short hair, ask a wedding hair stylist what they recommend for someone in your situation who doesn't want to cut their locks.

4) Hairpieces and Jewellery You Want to Wear

Two words that strike fear into most brides - hairpieces and jewellery. Choosing a bridesmaid hair style is difficult enough, but when you add in accessories, it can feel like trying to find your way out of a maze. Every hairpiece and jewellery boasts a unique, intricate, and elegant look, and since you only get one shot at wearing them, you want to make sure your hairstyle compliments everything perfectly.

If your jewellery calls for an updo, try soft curls so you don't have too much competing elements on your head. If earrings are involved, side-swept bangs might be all you need so they won't interfere with your earrings or necklace. Overall, remember to choose what makes you feel pretty, no matter what hairstyle it may be!

5) Your Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Your bridesmaids are probably some of your closest friends, so they'll want to be part of all important wedding decisions—including bridesmaid hair style. It's a good idea to talk with each one and explain what you had in mind when it comes to their hairstyle on your big day.

With collective input from your attendants, you can piece together different looks into one cohesive aesthetic that will enhance both your look and theirs. Also consider that if you are hiring a make up artist separately, that you will need to coordinate getting ready with both your hairstylist and makeup artist to ensure that it is a smooth and timely experience for everyone involved.