How to Choose the Best Preschool

Choosing a preschool is a big step in your child’s academic journey, so you shouldn’t take it lightly. Many parents feel overwhelmed by the increasing number of preschools available nowadays. Take a look at our practical tips and choose the best preschool for you.

How to Choose the Best Preschool
Choose the best preschool and your child will have a great base for further development and education.

Choosing a preschool is a big step in your child’s academic journey, so you shouldn’t take it lightly. Many parents feel overwhelmed by the increasing number of preschools available nowadays. So, it feels really hard to even start looking at the numerous options. We’ve prepared this guide to help parents decide which preschool is the most suitable for them and their kid(s). There is a number of aspects you should take into consideration. 

First of all, you should do your research and compile a list of preschools in your area. Then, when you shortlist your choice, you should focus on some specific aspects of them. You should pay close attention to the teachers, their education and behaviour. Then, you should learn more about their philosophy and curriculum. At some point, you should also visit the preschools of interest and use the opportunity to check out the environment. Another thing you shouldn’t disregard is the distance and the aspect of transportation.

  • Do your research

When it comes to choosing the right child care centre, it’s essential to start on time. Some preschools have year-long waiting lists. There are multiple ways how you can do your research. You can start with collecting personal recommendations by asking friends and family. That’s one of the surest ways to go. Other forms of research include doing your research online. You can look for some preschools in your area. Check out their ratings, reviews, comments and websites to see whether they are a good fit for you. Compile a list containing all of the choices that you like. Then you can compare them in more detail regarding certain aspects. 

  • Pay close attention to the teachers

When you have your list of potential preschools, you can move to inspect them in more detail. A key element in making the right decision when it comes to choosing a suitable preschool is the staff. As they are working closely and interacting with kids, you need to pay close attention to them. Teachers who work with kids should have a degree in early childhood development or child education. Besides this, they should also possess certain personal characteristics. In the first place, teachers should love kids and their job. They should be warm, welcoming, kind, compassionate and patient, among other things. This is essential as teachers mould your child into a smart and kind young person. 

  • Learn more about their philosophy and curriculum

When you have observed the staff and discarded some preschool centres, you can move further on. The next essential aspect is the philosophy and curriculum. There are multiple plausible philosophies and curricula. The question is what you are looking for in a preschool. You should have your child and its characteristics and preferences in mind when exploring different philosophies. Some widespread philosophies emphasize independence, creativity, and some intentional learning while some put focus on a child’s natural development. Have in mind that preschool is the base for all other things in your child’s life. It can affect its entire education.

  • Visit the preschool and check out the environment

Some of the final steps in making a suitable preschool choice include visiting the facility and checking out the environment. This is a step you shouldn’t skip. Most preschools offer the chance to schedule a visit or attend a public tour. However, you can also pay an unannounced visit and use the opportunity to see how they work without having visitors in mind. In this way, you often get the most realistic image of how things actually work. If a preschool passes such a test, you can rest assured that your child is in the right hands.

  • Consider its distance and transportation

The distance of the preschool shouldn't be the main factor when making such a decision. However, we can’t and shouldn’t completely disregard it. You need to think about transportation and logistics. Consider your working hours, the time period when your child is attending the centre, distance, rush hour, traffic jams and other things. Some of these conditions can be really unfavourable and make it almost impossible to manage. Choose a child care centre that fulfils all your criteria regarding the staff, philosophy, curriculum and environment and has the location help you prevail.

Choosing a preschool is a big step in every parent’s life, especially for first-time parents, as they lack experience in the area. Hopefully, this guide helps you in making the right decision.