How much exercise is too much?

If you love to exercise but are noticing problems with your health, it's time to ask yourself: How much exercise is too much? Join us and find out!

How much exercise is too much?
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Everybody knows that exercising is good for you! It helps you stay in shape, keeps your weight at acceptable levels, it even helps you keep your immune system strong and your body healthy. However, is there a point at which exercising is actually hurting you more than it is helping? The answer is yes! It is, in fact, possible to go too far and harm your body through exercise. But, how do we know how much exercise is too much? Well, there are signs you can look out for and which will show you that you have taken your training regime a step too far!

You can’t sleep

A simple way to know that you have had too much exercise is when you notice your sleep quality declining. You might find it hard to settle down, or sleep comes especially hard to you even if you do feel perfectly calm and relaxed. This is your body straining to keep up with the alertness required due to your daily exertions. Luckily, there are ways to deal with insomnia. The simplest of which, in such cases, is to reduce the intensity of your exercising! Try to take things down a notch for a week and see if it helps your sleep schedule and quality return to normal. If it helps, you will have your confirmation that you had a bit too much exercise for your own good.

A person who has insomnia, checking his phone while lying in bed.

You feel depressed

Another excellent way to tell that you have been exercising too much is when you find your mood plummeting and struggle to find the will to get through the day! It is hard to keep motivated and happy when you are experiencing constant exhaustion, and so much physical activity will take a toll on your mental health. You might find yourself flinching even at the mere idea of training, but the more severe issue is the omnipresent lack of will and interest in anything. If you find yourself feeling this way, particularly after a rigorous workout, it is safe to say you should tone down your training!

You are becoming less fit

Bizarrely, if you overdo your training, you might find yourself becoming less physically fit. Your body might visibly start gaining weight in an attempt to provide itself with enough energy to get through such a rigorous schedule. You might even see yourself begin to underperform compared to what you could do before. As the experts from Dubai Personal Trainers suggest, an excellent way to avoid this is to find a personal trainer to keep an eye on you! They are sure to let you know how much exercise is too much! Moreover, a good personal trainer will not only show you how to exercise and tell you what to do, but they will also teach you how to do it correctly so that you can later continue working out independently.

Your appetite is suffering                    

You might find yourself incapable of stomaching even the thought of food, especially after you had just worked out. It is another of the signs that you might have exercised a bit too much. You have disrupted the metabolism of your body. In such cases, it might be best to reduce your exercise regime to the bare minimum. You might even want to stop entirely until your body has had a chance to return to normal. Otherwise, both the quality of your workout and the physical condition of your body will start to deteriorate since you are not getting enough food to support rigorous physical activity.

You are experiencing anxiety when not exercising

If you are experiencing the constant need to be in motion and exercise, you are, in actual fact, experiencing the addiction to exercise! You can be sure that this is one of the signs of how much exercise is too much. This issue can also evolve into anxiety which hounds you whenever you choose to rest. Thus, making it near impossible to take break days. In such cases, it is best to switch to a more relaxing and soothing physical activity, such as yoga. Not only would it help you de-stress, but it also comes with other benefits for your body. It is also unlikely to harm you due to overdoing it. It is a bonus while you work on reducing your training time and deal with your addiction.

You are experiencing heart issues

This is most commonly seen in the form of increased heart rate. It is particularly common to experience such issues immediately after working out. However, they tend to persist throughout the day and occur especially violently just before sleep. You might find your body almost vibrating, which would not only cause stress but also rob you of your sleep. It would be best to look for medical help immediately. If left alone, the issue can quickly evolve into something more serious and permanent. If you insist on exercising while treating the problem, you will need something less intense, such as Zumba. The benefits of Zumba are that it would provide you with more activity than yoga, for example, while still being easier on your body, meaning that Zumba is a healthy and moderate solution for your needs.

A guy suffering from heart issues because he didn’t know how much exercise is too much.

Your muscles are always sore, and you suffer from back pain

At one point, you are bound to start damaging your body if you exercise too much. The first signs of this are soreness of muscles and chronic back pain. Such soreness is a sign of inflammation caused by tearing muscles. This can lead to further health issues if left ignored and untreated. You will want to consult a doctor to prescribe you a medication to make the inflammation subside, as well as see a chiropractor. It is also advisable to stop exercising at least for some time. This way, you could give your body a chance to recover.

A guy whose back hurts.

Final Word

It is essential to know how much exercise is too much. It is a way to keep your body healthy and in top shape! Otherwise, you risk doing more harm than good and can even see your performance suffer. So, make sure to do the right thing for yourself, and always keep moderation in mind!