How Much does It Cost to Restump A House?

Every house is different in size, model, structure, location, climatic conditions, and the soil on which it is built.

How Much does It Cost to Restump A House?

Every house is different in size, model, structure, location, climatic conditions, and the soil on which it is built. Over a period of time, a  house will start to have  problems that need to be taken care of. The deterioration of a house will depend on the above-stated aspects and the changes or repairs will have to be made accordingly.

One such common issue that arises with time is where the wooden stumps on which the house rests,  start to rot and decay. The movement in the soil and the presence of moisture in it can cause the wooden stamps to get infected. This will, in turn, cause damage to the flooring, walls, and overall structure of the house.

The process of removing the decayed stumps and replacing them with good quality, strong, timber stumps is known as restumping or reblocking a house. House restumping costs depend on quite a few factors and vary from structure to structure.

Restumping a house is a big task and has to be handled by professionals with experience in the job. If not done the right way, restumping could cause more harm and even be a reason for the house to collapse. We suggest you contact a certified professional company to inspect the house.

Signs to Identify the Need for Restumping

Before we talk about choosing the professional and house restumping costs, we should know how to identify the need for restumping a house.

  • Uneven, soft, or bowed floors in some rooms
  • Difficulty in closing and locking the doors and windows
  • Continuous cracking of the interior walls
  • Cracks on the exterior brick walls

Only a certain portion of the house might need restumping in some instances. Though it can be done, owners should make sure that the rest of the stumps are in good condition and will last for a few years. This is because the process of restumping a house is complex and a time-consuming one. The house needs to be jacked up to replace the old wooden stumps with new ones and replacing all the stumps at once would be a more feasible option. The house restumping costs for each time will total to a lot more than a one-time investment in restumping.

What to Expect During Restumping?

  • The people living in the house are expected to move out until the process is completed. The furniture is also shifted to another safe place and the house is kept empty. The companies that handle the restumping job make sure that the house is taken care of and no further damage occurs.
  • There might be a few minor cracks in the house when the stumps are being replaced. These will be taken care of by the company. The process of restumping can take around 10-14 working days depending on the size of the house and the soil conditions.            

Factors That Affect House Stumping Costs

ü  Type of Stumps

The stumps can be replaced with wood, steel, or concrete. Most companies are now using either concrete or galvanized steel for durability. When compared to wooden stumps, these do not rot or bend over time.

ü  Number of Stumps

House restumping costs are calculated based on the area that needs to be covered. The bigger the house, the higher will be the overall cost. The length of the new stumps that will be installed also play a vital role in deciding the overall cost.

Restumping is an expensive job and might cost anything between $4,000 to $15,000. But if you want a high-quality professional service that guarantees the safety of the house, you will have to pay higher house restumping costs.