Get to know about Average lifespan of Roof

Get to know about Average lifespan of Roof

Whenever you are making plans to sell your house or buy a new one, you will always focus on the layout first. Everything, right from the interior décor of the place to the outside landscape, everything plays a pivotal role in targeting the value of that house. The same goes for roofing. If the roof isn’t in good condition and the buyer has to work on it after purchasing, then the resale value of the house will be pretty low. Avoid that scenario from the first place if you can catch up with Roof Restoration Melbourne seriously.


Each roof is known to have an average lifespan, after which it starts to show some signs of deterioration. Keeping a track of that time is mandatory for a homeowner. Keeping a close watch through professional inspection will help you know more about the roof and catch up with its problem at initial stages. Learn about the average roof lifespan and then you can sort out the maintenance tips accordingly.


Roofs and their average lifespan:

If you have tile, copper or slate roofs, it can easily last for over 50 years. So, you are sorted out for a longer time. Then if you are one such homeowner with a wooden shake roof, you can expect the products to last for around 30 years. After that, you might have to catch up with roofing contractors for their Roof Restoration packages. 


In the same way, you have fiber cement shingles, which will serve for 25 years and then you might consider changing it for a new one. In case, you have invested bucks on composition or asphalt shingle roofs for their affordable rates, then these roofs will serve you for around 20 years. If the roofing materials are less expensive, chances are high that you can’t expect them to last for a long time. To top it all, weather conditions and climates like hail, snow, and hurricanes can easily fluctuate the lifespan of any form of roof.


Get the common lifespan covered:

There are various types of roofing materials that you might have to consider. Each one has its lifespan and you might want to learn about it first. This point will help you to ask professionals for Roof Repairs Melbourne when the right time comes.


  • Galvalume will last for 30 to 45 years
  • 3-tab asphalt shingles working for 15 to 18 years
  • Concrete tile lasting for 30 to 50 years
  • Architectural asphalt shingles to cover up a period of 24 to 30 years
  • Modified Bitumen is yet another option, leading from 10 to 16 years


Among all the available roofing materials, metallic ones are subject to last the longest. But, most of the time, people usually avoid metal because of its unwanted aesthetic value. It doesn’t always match with the exterior look of the place. Concrete tile will be another option when it comes to long-lasting value. But, most people plan to use asphalt shingles in their place because of the cost. Concrete tiles are pretty expensive, to say the least.


Spend a few bucks extra:

If you want your roof to last longer, be sure to spend some extra bucks for that. Don’t restrict to asphalt shingles only if you don’t want to change your roof then often. Once invested on a concrete tile, the roof is designed to last for decades to come.