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A landlord with an unoccupied room in his home can rent it out as a furnished room with the locals. Although renting it empty, the furnished lease agreement has financial advantages that often encourage landlords to embark on this mode of renting per room. As for the tenant, he is generally attracted by cheaper rents than in conventional rentals and by the presence of someone who knows the surroundings well, which is very useful in the event of arriving in Apartments in Lahore.

Renting a furnished room at the inhabitant

The rental of a furnished room at the inhabitant is governed by a flexible legal framework.

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 Renting a room at the inhabitant: definition

Renting a room with an inhabitant consists of renting part of their home, generally, a room sometimes accompanied by private parts such as a bathroom or a balcony, to a tenant, whether a student, employee or has another status. However, unlike a “classic” rental, the owner continues to live on the premises and shares his accommodation with one or more tenants each having their own private space

This type of rental should not be confused with others that can sometimes seem similar, such as shared accommodation:

  • Unlike a room at the inhabitant, a guest room is precisely regulated by the Tourism Code; thus, the place where the bed and breakfast are located must not exceed an accommodation capacity of 15 people and 5 bedrooms, can only accommodate for a few nights and must necessarily be rented furnished. The room of the inhabitant is not affected by these restrictions.
  • Renting a room with the inhabitant implies living with its owner and at home, where shared accommodation means living with other tenants at its owner but without the latter. Although these two operating methods are popular with students because they are financially advantageous, they are nonetheless very different.
  • The intergenerational roommate implies that the owner is aged over 60 years and the tenant less than. However, this restriction is not effective in the context of a homestay room. In addition, and unless this is the subject of an explicit agreement between the parties, the tenant does not have to render services to his owner such as shopping or keeping him company.

Finally, renting a room does not come within the scope of subletting since the lessor is the owner and not the tenant.

Housing conditions

To be able to rent a room in your home, you must, first of all, ensure that it meets the criteria of decency:

  • Minimum size of 9m 2 and a minimum height of 2.20m under the roof,
  • A window in the room and the presence of natural light,
  • Access to electricity and running water

Otherwise, the accommodation risks being considered indecent or even unsanitary in the event of unsanitary criteria (such as pests or too high a humidity level); the tenant can then request compensation.

Regarding the kitchen and the bathroom, they can be shared or each can have an individual: there is no regulation on this subject; the tenant must simply have access to a bathroom and a kitchenette at least.

If the rented room is furnished, then it respects the rental conditions for furnished accommodation. This concerns in particular the duration of the lease, the security deposit, and the notice of departure, as well as the recommendation to make an inventory in addition to the inventory of fixtures.

Obligations of the tenant

Rules of procedure

The owner can set rules for the life and use of the accommodation to ensure that the rental takes place in the best possible way, without depriving the occupant of the normal use of the accommodation. This regulation may concern, among other things, visits, noise, or even waste. It must be signed by both parties when entering the tenant's accommodation.

Renter's insurance

In a furnished room rental with the inhabitant, the tenant doesn't need to take out insurance. However, the owner can ask him for an insurance certificate or even oblige him to take out one as long as this is written in the lease contract. He can also take care of the insurance himself and add his amount to the rental charges.

Ceilings in furnished rooms with locals

  • A lease contract must have been signed for this rental,
  • The accommodation where the room is located must be the main residence of the owner and the tenant (this is the case for a student tenant for a school year),
  • The accommodation must respect criteria of decency,
  • The rental must be furnished,
  • The amount of the annual rent must not exceed